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dr. seuss birthday: food

the food.. ohh the food...
i seriously don't think i've EVER had THAT much fun putting together a menu.
and it went without saying that when you work that hard on matching food to literature..
you HAVE to put labels on everything!!

and let me tell you..
everyone enjoyed the labels just about as much as the food!

for the kiddo's drinks we had a few juice choices:
pink ink yink dring (the cat in the hat): fruit punch
shloppity shlop (the lorax): blue raspberry
gloppity glop (the lorax): grape

i fell in love with the cups at this dr. seuss party..
& was so thankful she listed that she got them at hobby lobby!
i have THE WORST luck with kids not showing up..
and honestly, i'm beyond tired of coming up with treat bags
& then ending up with a bunch of left over treats.
so i decided these reusable cups were much more practical favors.
i couldn't afford to purchase the etsy digital file she did for the tags,
so i just used the doctor seuss font i found online & made my own flags.

the food:

noodles for poodles (fox in socks): caprese pasta salad

green eggs (green eggs & ham): deviled eggs

one fish, two fish (one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish): goldfish

truffula fruit (the lorax): grapes

cat's great tricks mix (the cat in the hat): maple bacon chex mix

grinitch spinach (what was i afraid of?): spinach dip

we had two sandwich choices, which i guess didn't get photographed..
ham (green eggs & ham)
rare who roast beast (the grinch who stole christmas): roast beef
the dessert buffet:

sneetch bellies (the sneetches): oreo truffles
which are, by the way TO DIE FOR.

thing 1 & thing 2 cupcakes (the cat in the hat): red velvet cake with buttercream frosting
(i can't find the frosting recipe i used, but it wasn't my favorite, so i'm not so sad about that!)
i printed out all these nice little circles with 'thing 1' and 'thing 2' to put on the cupcake wrappers..
annnddddddd.. ya.. they wouldn't stay on. neither double stick tape nor glue dot worked for me..
i was bummed for about 2.5 seconds & then i got over it! :)

yertles turtles (yertle the turtle): chocolate pretzel turtles
these were ALL over the web a few months ago..
and they are super simple.
pretzels, rolos & pecans
line a baking sheet with foil & place pretzels out
put rolos on top.
heat in 250 oven about 2-4 minutes, until the candy gets shiny
(experience speaking here people!)
pull out & immediately place pecan on top & push down.
viola. simple & tasty! :)

the cat's hat birthday cake: red velvet cake & buttercream icing
(same recipe as above)

as you can see, the babe had NO problem diving right into his cake.
he picked up each layer like a cookie and totally went for it!
he was in hoggg heaven.


here's the invitation.
& here are the decorations.


  1. Get the heck outta here!?!? Of all the on-line themed birthday parties I have witnessed... this is by far the best. I'm not joking around here. THE BEST!

  2. What exactly were the drinks that you did? Did you make them or what did you use?

  3. Could you tell me where you got the wavy line border you used for your food signs? Thanks!

    1. if you are referring the the black border around the signs, it was hand-drawn with an american crafts .03 precision pen, but you could use any pen! :) just go around the edge twice, making a square, and don't try to be perfect!

  4. Love the cake! You’re amazing. This ingredients is fantastic, It sure will help everyone who’s looking for a perfect cake like this. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I can share this to catering in manila for the information.

  5. Where did you find a Dr. Seuss font? I can't seem to find one that will download correctly to my computer. Love all of your ideas... it's amazing, the party you through.


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