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dr. seuss birthday: invitation

most of the invitations for the babe's birthday have been delivered..
so i figured i'd share them here.
especially as it's pretty much the closest thing to a craft i've done in the last month.

there were a TON of cute invitations on etsy.
a TON.
i was having a really hard time narrowing one down..
i knew i wanted the cat in the hat on the invite,
and i ABSOLUTELY wanted the wording to reflect dr. seuss rhymes,
and i really wanted one that had everything in a dr. seuss font.
so as cute as all the etsy invites were..
i just wasn't head over heels in love with any of them.

i thought about enlisting the help of my cousin lisa,
who is a GENIUS with these things.
(here is her fb page: glitz by lisa)
i even called her & asked her if she could do something like i was wanting.
she agreed & asked that i send her some dr. seuss images that i liked.
but when i sat down & started googling..
i found THE PERFECT image.
it meant i could do it all myself!
ya see, i can't do all that fancy stuff in photoshop.
one, because i don't own it & two, because i'd have to learn how to.

i'm guessing that it's an image from a digital book..
but i knew i could make it work.

first i loaded it up to picnik
(if i haven't said it before, i'll say it now, it's SO worth the premium membership on this site!)
i used the cloning tool to remove the text.
i'm SURE there is an easier way...
but this was quick enough for me & i didn't have to ask for help.

i just picked a white spot on the page & started going over the text to remove it.
once that was done i resized my image to 5x7.
& saved it to my computer.

i found & downloaded the dr. seuss font from this site.

i opened up the saved file without the text in microsoft paint. 
created a text box, put in my wording, & saved the completed invite to my computer.  

i uploaded it to snapfish & ordered 5x7 prints.
with shipping i paid $20 for 26 invites.
(snapfish, even with shipping was cheaper than local stores for a 5x7)
now, that may seem sort of expensive, but i actually saved money.
most of the etsy invites ranged $12-$20 for just the digital file..
then i would have paid another $20 to get them printed.

and i honestly couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!

i got everything i wanted on one invite :)
besides the wording, i think my favorite part is the fact that in this cat in the hat image..
he's holding a birthday cake :)

have a great weekend! :)
we are off to nana's for our last sleep-away before school starts in a week!


view the party food here
view the decorations here
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  2. Awesome idea! My twins are turning one on April 19 and this is just what I was looking for in an invitation. Where did you find the image? I'm pretty handy with Photoshop so I know this will be pretty easy for me once I get the image. The boys even have Thing 1 Thing 2 onsies. :-) mrsjennyk is my gmail address

  3. how did you know if your image would be printable quality finding it online?

  4. Thank you! Great idea, my little guy will be celebrating his 1st birthday in style, thanks to you! :)

  5. This was so amazing!! I was able to follow your easy instructions and make an invitation for my son's upcoming birthday party. I would love to share my finished product on my blog and link back to this post for everyone to see. Please let me know if you would be ok with that. My email is sliceofcomfort@gmail


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