this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.

about me

i keep coming back to this darn about me tab. it just never seems to feel right.

what do people want to know about someone when they click on that about me tab... that's what i keep wondering. i'm not sure i even know what i expect to find when i click on about me tabs. so i guess i'll just ramble on until it seems long enough. (because i've changed this info like, 4 times & somehow it always feels wrong)

i'm thirty-four. it seems less real if i type it rather than put it in numbers. i'm not vain, nor am i desperate to cling to my youth.. but i don't like watching my loved ones get older. (that's hard) most days i still feel like i'm 18, waiting for my mom to knock on my door & ask me if i'm going to make it to class on time. then i remember i'm the mama now & that i have to be all responsible like and roll my butt outta bed to take the dude to school, preferrably on time. (ya. i'm kinda one of those never-on-time people. i know. you hate people like me right?)

so ya. i'm a mama. mama to two boys. mason, my 10 year old, who i pretty much always refer to as the dude. (yes, i use 80's slang on a regular basis) and rance, who is four. i'm also a wife. the hubs' name is stephen, though he rarely gets called that... at least here. we have been married 14 years. i'd like to tell you some lovely romantic story about us meeting & marrying...but the truth is we were pretty foolish & took a giant leap of faith. we met online when he was stationed over seas in the army... & then in person... and four months later we were married. (talk about a parent's worse nightmare. i'm sure i've got that one coming back to me later on)

on top of all that fun stuff, i'm also a full-time college student, enrolled in an online program through full sail university to get a degree in graphic design. i'm currently interning from home for a local magazine on top of that, so life is a good mix of busy. i'm obsessed with all things 80's, halloween, & paper crafting related. i love to bake, hate to cook. i believe in honesty & kindness, and have been accused of wearing my heart on my sleeve, and being mushy more times than i can count. i just think life is way to short to withhold compliments, so why not throw out what you are thinking when you think it!

i'm a whole lot more than this little 'about me'.. maybe you'll stick around & find that out yourself :) 
i hope you can forgive my lack of capital usage & proper sentences. it's how i roll.

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