this is a blog about memory keeping, funny stories & baked goods i make, and do my best not to eat. proper capitalization is always optional.


here we go..

hello :)

welcome to my new home. kristy makes.

it's pretty right? :)
 ....i think so.. but i could be partial. i know it's not all-techie & impressive, but simple suits me.

so let me tell you a little about my new place.

up at the top there are a few tabs. the first three are pretty self-explanatory. scrapbooking is just that, my scrapbook pages, ya know, in case anyone is interested. next is crafting. that's where the tutorials come in. check it out. the list is short now, but give me time :) next is the taste test kitchen. it's a list of internet links to recipes we've tried & liked. they are simple. easy. affordable. kid-friendly. (no fancy ingredients you have to mail order from another country.) last is the music tab. in the past i've put a music player down at the bottom of my page. i've been known to scare a person or two when my selections start playing, so i opted to share it here, and save some eardrums :)

to the left is a list of blogs i frequent. some scrapbooking related. some photography. others are food blogs, and then there are the crafty mamas. behind each one of them is an inspiring woman. if you have a second, check them out... i am sure you will not be disappointed!

there is also a list of my personal blogging friends. these are ladies i have come to know through scrapbooking, be it online or in real life. they each hold a special place in my heart.

so there you have it. welcome. i hope you'll stick around & see how it works out for me :)

check back..... in just a little bit i'm going to have my first little tutorial up! :)


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