welcome to kristy makes! it's my little corner of the web... a blog where humor meets crafting & virtually non-existant cooking skills... & everything is infused with a little something about myself. i should warn you.... i rarely use proper punctuation or capitalization, and i'm slightly obsessed with vampires...but i hope you'll still stick around awhile! i promise i'm good for at least a laugh or two, if not with me than at least at me! :)


currently// 3.17.14

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

It's the one day a year I can get away with force feeding my husband corned beef & cabbage. The rest of the year he makes a stink face.. so here's to holiday eats!

drinking// irish creme iced latte from dunkin' i've gotten attached to my morning coffee again, and it's a habit i'm working to kick. i feel much better without all the sugar first thing in the morning, but i miss the caffeine for sure.

watching// i'm still so far behind on all my shows. last time i got caught up was over christmas break. i see a marathon of vampire diaries watching come spring break next month. i'm also super excited that the great gatsby is now on HBO, and in 3d, so I totally have an excuse to break out the 3D glasses for our tv.

listening// lately, i've been so focused, i forget to start up my music while doing homework, so there is a lot of paw patrol, rabbids, & mickey mouse clubhouse in the background.

reading// lots of design blogs, and books associated with school. that book i started in january? ya, still haven't picked it back up. :(

wanting// to get some kind of handle on time management. most days i feel like i'm running from one task to the next, throwing laundry in & running back to make a few more tweaks on a design for school, then running to pick the dude up from school, and before i know it, it's 10pm, and i feel like i haven't gotten a single thing done, and i'm exhausted mentally & emotionally.

dreaming// about having all our diy projects done. ha. my best friend told me that a 'fixer up' house is always in a state of 'fixing up', and though we've only been here a little shy of a year, and have gotten a tremendous amount done, i know what she says rings true. i read a statement on young house love that said to love the process, and learn to live with the constant state of improvement, and you will be much happier. i'm trying to embrace this, but it's definitely work for me.

anticipating// easter. for YEARS, stephen & i (well maybe mostly just me) has wanted to take some of the burden of hosting holidays off my mom & aunt. the two of them share hosting duties at easter, christmas, and thanksgiving. our old house was just way too small to accommodate my rather large family (mom's 1 of 6 + spouses, kids, and grandkids, you do the math ;) last year we had a housewarming party (at the insistence of the hubs co-workers) & the babe's 3rd birthday, both of which were successful at holding the majority of our family & friends, with overflow to our covered back porch, so we volunteered to host easter at our house this year. i'm excited & nervous!

loving// despite a pity party i threw myself on saturday when i felt like like i was left out of several happenings around town, i am loving the challenge of school. some assignments i loathe, but i'd rather be doing it than pretty much anything else, school-wise. i know that those around me have just gotten so used to the 'i can't's', they don't ask anymore for me to do stuff.... but it still sucks.

loathing// the fact that i haven't finished my 2013 project life yet... and haven't even started on 2014. it's a good thing i opted for monthly this year, cause weekly would probably leave me so overwhelmed i'd never even start.

until next month ;)


currently// 2.18.14

time// 8:47am

eating// just finished a bowl of frosted mini wheats, which i will probably pay for later. i've been eating far too much gluten lately, and man is my stomach telling me about it. 

drinking// water, & i just realized i haven't had coffee in close to a week. 

watching// still on the forensic files kick. i honestly don't watch much tv these days. i turn it on when i get into bed at night, and i'm usually out before the half hour is up. 

reading// bloody lessons. i started it... now let's see how long it takes me to finish it. & also reading an ENORMUS amount on graphic design for school.

needing//  to get the house cleaned. i ran around last friday like a crazy person trying to get everything clean for my sister in law & her family who were coming into town to visit... and now that they are gone, i'm almost certain i'm right back where i was on friday. five kids does not a tidy house make!

loving// the weather, when it decides what it's going to do for a few days, it's actually pretty nice outside. the other 50% of the time it's 80 and humid, and i'm wondering if it is in fact still just february. 

thinking// about one of my old bosses at the pediatric office i worked at. he lost his battle with cancer on friday, & i am brought to tears every time i think about it. he was hands down one of the best bosses i've ever worked for. he was kind, generous, and always wore a smile. he treated those of us in the office with as much grace and respect as those in the office with medical backgrounds (which is NOT common practice, though it should be) i graduated high school with his daughter, and though we didn't run in the same circles, my heart is breaking for her, as she is due in 2 weeks with what would have been his first grandchild. i just can't even put into words how special this man was, he truly touched so many hearts. 

listening//  say something is at the top of my repeat list, as well as pompeii, and of course happy. 


TWELVE MONTHS // I survived

Today (well technically it was Sunday, but whatever) marks one full year in school. I'm actually sort of shocked that it went by so quickly. At times it felt like the months were dragging on. Other months flew by. (That month I had science, I SWEAR the month had 80 days.) I have increased my knowledge regarding design ten-fold. I still get excited about what a new month holds. It's a good thing, and a good sign I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I'm still worried about what I'll actually do when I get done, but I'm trying to enjoy the ride while it lasts.

In honor of my one year school anniversary, I thought  I'd share a few of my favorite things I've designed...

This is was the first thing I did in Photoshop. It was a tutorial that walked you
through re-creating your own Andy Warhol-ish composition. 
This was one of my first projects using Adobe Illustrator. We had to
illustrate a movie poster, using only 5 colors. This thing about
kicked my butt with all the stars, but I was pleased with my efforts in the
end. Illustrator is not for the faint of heart! 

I thought I was afraid of Photoshop & Illustrator, and then I had my first class
where I was expected to draw two objects found in my house. I read the class
assignment & immediately freaked out, & called my husband, who was
completely sweet & reassured me I COULD do this. His exact words were
that he has always had faith in my abilities, that it's me that doesn't.
Checked my attitude at the door & got to work.  (And now of course
Rance thinks I'm capable of drawing EVERY Toy Story character under
the sun!) 

Same class as the one that required the sketching. We learned
about hierarchy in design, etc. We were instructed to create
an advertisement using the color schemes, tag lines, and logos
provided to us, along with several design elements. I was
pretty excited about this design out of the three I did. (Looking
at it now, I would rather have a vector set of glasses vs. the
photo.. but ya live & learn right?)
Next up was Color Theory. We learned about how color
conveys mood, etc. Our month long project was to work on
re-branding a sports team. We had to pick a pro team, change
the city, redesign the mascot/logo, and the color scheme. I moved the
Chicago Bears to Tacoma, and recolored them as Polar Bears.
I choose the typeface, color scheme, and did the new mascot logo,
as well as the uniforms. It was a TON of work, but I have to
admit, I was really excited about the end package. 
December was Digital Story Telling, and MAN it was a busy
month. In addition to a weekly illustration, in conduction with
the prompts at illustrationfriday.com, we had another
multi-step project due. I spend most of December with
my butt planted in a computer chair & my family
doing there best to not disturb the angry bear. It was
a nightmare, but of the best kind. I really pushed myself, and
my skills. The first illustration prompt was "Shadow". 
The second prompt for December was "Refrain".  I had two
ideas, so I worked on both of them, and submitted my favorite
for grading, which you see above.  
This was my second submission for "Refrain", going on the music interpretation.
The birds are positioned in the fashion of a segment of music from the song
"Blackbird" by the Beatles. 
My fourth prompt was "Spirit". At this point in the month I was way
burnt out, and had no Christmas Spirit. I was grumpy, but pretty pleased
with how this guy turned out. He may have been my favorite the entire month.
Sorry for the poor quality. Obviously I have something to learn about saving
for optimal web-viewing. 

Our first project in December was to create an info graphic. I bit off way more
than I could chew, but I got it done, and I totally am in love with it. I won't tell you
how many times I had to stop & rewind Goonies to be sure I got all the numbers
right, the kids thought I was nuts. 

And here is my final project for my class last month, History of
Visual Communications. The object was to create a poster
inspired by a period in art history. I went with the Art Deco
period. Clean lines, exaggerated perspective, etc.

 So here's to another 12 months. Another year of pushing, and learning, crying & falling apart, then getting it together, and coming back stronger.

Thanks for hanging with me ;)




Life is a bit of a whirlwind these days. It's a delicate balance between house & school & hobbies. If I'm honest, some months it's a struggle to keep my head above water. My best intentions sometimes fall short. I have to say no to invites, stay up late to finish assignments, and ask for help. I'm not good at asking for help.. what I am good at is getting mad when the hubs doesn't offer, like he can see into the rolodex of my mind and know everything that has to be done. Fortunately, I'm also really great at knowing when I'm wrong & apologizing.

I'd like to say 2014 will see me re-commit myself to blogging.. but that'd be a stretch of the truth. I spent some time over my holiday break re-reading past entries, and I'm sad I don't have entries like that to look back upon for 2013, but I'm giving myself a break. Life is a liquid mass, it moves & turns & shapes itself around whatever you stick in it. Right now, blogging regularly isn't something I'm dedicated to, nor do I feel it's something that needs precedence in my life.

Instead, I'm vowing to do one currents post a month, on the 17th, as a sort of 'checking in'. I'm cutting back in other areas as well, making room for what's important. I am still absolutely head-over-heels madly in love with project life... but I can't keep up. Sitting at my computer for several hours throughout the week doesn't leave me with a whole lot of material to work with. (And when I say several, we are talking like LOTS) So I'm cutting back to a 6x8 album, just for 2014. I'm also going chronological/monthly vs. weekly. It's my compromise to keep my hobby, and not have the frustration that I'm not getting it done in the time that I'd like.

My one little word for 2014 is breathe. I could have chosen calm... but I do better with words I can chant as a mantra, or words I can stick in my ignition hypothetically. Last year my word was fierce, and let me tell you, it took on a whole new meaning for me. I thought 2013 would be a year of getting my butt in shape, I wanted to fiercely go after my goal. I had no idea in January when I choose it, that come February, I'd be in school. But let me tell you, I attacked my schooling in a way I don't think I ever have before. At the beginning of every month I started a new class, and every month I'd stare at my assignments and think. "HOLY CRAP! There is NO WAY I can do this! I can't do this! I CAN'T DO THIS!!" Sometimes there were tears, or texts to my husband lamenting the tasks ahead.. and then a day or two would pass, a deadline start to loom, and I'd pull myself together, sit down, and kick the crap out off the assignments. I ended 2013, and my first year of school, with a 4.0 GPA, shocking no one but myself.

So yes, my 2014 word is breathe. I've already proven to myself I CAN do this, I just need to remember to not get so stressed out trying to maintain every aspect of life during the process. Sometimes there will be dirty dishes, and toys strewn everywhere. Sometimes a bed won't get made until right before we get in it. Sometimes clothes will wait 3 days to get hung up. But baths are had, and bellies are full, and we are healthy. The rest can wait, the rest I CAN get help with, it only takes asking.

So. 2014. Let's do this.

time: 10:25 am
eating: applesauce & oatmeal pancakes with a side of bacon
drinking: homemade iced coffee
watching: trying to catch up on episodes of the vampire diaries & american horror story: coven, but more interested in watching the first 48, and forensic files.
reading: i have this book downloaded, and i'm trying to make time to read it.
needing: to get back to work on home improvement projects. little things here & there that have just gotten lost in the shuffle of day to day life.
loving: the sense of calm i have right now... hoping i can remember it & reign in back in when needed.

Until next time :)


project life 2013: weeks 40 & 42

it feels like i've got a bit of a rhythm going for myself these last two weeks. 
that kidney stone really threw my game, and i'm ready to get back on a roll. 
i finished up a good bulk of my schoolwork early this week, & took the chance to play this weekend. 

i don't think my husband would buy it, but the scrapbooking process helps my school work. 
it's a chance to be creative without being graded, and i never thought that'd be a relief. 
i stress so much about meeting criteria, and succeeding, it's annoying, though necessary. 
i don't like stress. it makes me eat. and that obviously, is counterproductive to all my walking! 

anyways. so i'm using my scrapbooking as a exercise in learning photoshop.. 
and having S O  M U C H  F U N! 

week 40: 

first week of october, tail end of september. 
i never got around to getting calendar cards i really liked this year, & i've just rolled with it. 
i like that i'm not confining myself to something, if something else will work better. 
so, the 30/06 card is actually a date marker. above it says september, below october. 

i didn't have enough pictures to fill all the 4x6 pockets this week
(have a horrible habit of forgetting to flip my phone) 
& couldn't make anything work for me, so I just enlarged a photo of one of the decorations we put up that week & slapped an october 'to do list' on there. 
the picture is one taken from my iphone, and printed from my epson picturemate. 
i gotta say. i was pleased with the quality. i only lost a tiny bit of shadow detail at the bottom. no big. 

i've tried hard not to be a color coordinated scrapper, but i can't pull it off. this weeks color cues came from the pumpkin illumination, and the yeast rolls (which were a first for me, and deserved to be in color!) 

i've had a few people ask about how i split up the 12x12 photo, so i'm going to attempt to write that up sometime this week, and hopefully it's something that makes sense! 

supplies: midnight core kit card (top right), studio calico: kit card (orange/yellow), 'oh yes' stamp, orange alphabet stickers, basic grey 'check it out' clear overlay, american crafts white foam thickers. 

 week 42: 

i'm working all out of order, and i'm okay with that this year.
not sure what my hang up was last year. this works for me.
work on what i'm inspired by, and leave the rest for later.
this also includes spreads with an overwhelming amount of pictures.
(the weekend beach trip, the trip to the carnival, etc)
the goal is to get all the 'easy' spreads done, and go back to the photo heavy ones.
not sure why, other than it hurts my head to have to eliminate pictures!

i really wanted that picture of myself to take prominence in the spread,
since it was my birthday.. i dyed my hair pink... and i rarely get in front of the camera any other time of year.

color cues came from my hair & my shirt. i think the color pink grows on me at certain times of the year. you'll never catch me in baby pink.. but hot pink.. that i can do every once in a while ;)

supplies: project life midnight & blush core kits, studio calico: calendar card, 'tuesday' black epoxy sticker, rhinestone star, american crafts: silver glitter thickers, white foam thickers, & 'that's what she said' sticker, basic grey 'look at this' clear overlay arrow, cloud 9 heart brad sticker.

so there ya have it. another 2 weeks in the books. 
(and 4 more with pictures printed, just waiting for journaling) 

happy monday! make it a good one! 


project life 2013: week 44 & week 45

in the even there is even anyone out there still paying attention to this little corner of the web.. 

here are weeks 44 & 45 of my 2013 project life album. 
don't let this fool you into thinking i am in anyway near caught up. 
i have weeks 1-7 done... that were completed in february.. 
and then last week i did week 44, today i completed 45. 
it is kind of fun to come back to these pictures & love them all over again. :) 

supplies: studio calico kit cards, printable labels, alpha stickers, & woo veneer. studio l2e flair. 
american crafts alpha thickers. blush project life kit foldover card. 

supplies: studio calico kit cards (red, blue & calendar), printable label, & alpha stickers. jade kit cards (red stripe & chain link) amy tangerine 'that happened' sticker', basic grey 'yes' acetate embellishment.




eating// this combo i saw pinterest? instagram? chopped up fuji apple (loving these right now) with chopped up pecans, a few raisins & a splash of coconut milk. i'm totally addicted.

drinking// coffee. i've decided to give up trying to kick it. i enjoy it. it makes me look forward to getting up in the morning. & it's certainly not the worst thing out there to drink. i make folgers french vanilla in the coffee pot, let it cool & pour it into a container & put it in the fridge. in the morning i pour it over ice with a splash of vanilla extract & a little milk.

needing// more time. i had halloween projects i wanted to do. thanksgiving ones too. between school & the house & kids & life, there just never seems to be enough time in the day. i can't even keep up with my shows, and i haven't read a book in forever.

watching// american horror story. it's about the only thing i'm current on. ok, so i'm current on 2 broke girls & the new girl too. i watched the first episode of the vampire diaries, & not a single one of the originals. add glee to the mix, which i really can't seem to find interest in this year, i think partly because finn is gone.

loving// walking. last month i walked 65.8 miles in 31 days. i challenged myself to 2 miles a day, and only fell short one day. the 31st, when i spent the morning in the ER finding out i had a kidney stone (holy cow that is some serious pain!) that night we took the kids trick or treating & walked just a mile. i've taken it easy since then, partially because i was doped up on pain meds & couldn't drag myself out of bed the next few days, and the the following week i spent playing catch up on school work.

learning// photoshop & adobe illustrator. it's crazy to think a year ago i was dreaming about what it would be like to know how to use these programs, and now they get a heavy weekly workout. this week we are working on photo compositing. lightbulbs are going off everywhere. it's crazy good, scary & trying all at the same time.

thinking// that this blog is on it's way out. it is severely neglected, and i don't know how to connect to this space anymore. i used to craft & share. i used to bake & share. now i scramble through daily activities, work on homework & try to take pictures & jot notes for project life. how interesting is that? i share on instagram readily (read: i'm addicted) & can't imagine why i still need this platform.

favorite apps// camera+ & pictapgo. they by far get the most work out on my phone, and i couldn't live without them. camera+ lets you pick a focus point + an exposure point. genius. pictapgo is a mobile editing app from radlabs. must have.


PL 2012: More than a few weeks

last week of august/first week september

some happy mail. 
some down days.
another xray on the babes arm.
and some everyday life pictures. 

Week 44: Halloween

We didn't have much else going on, so I let Halloween take front & center this week. 
I tackled the Halloween pictures by typing all my journaling directly to the pictures. 
sweet & simple & done. 
a movie poster from a new movie the hubs & i watched this week.
and last but not least, i NEVER buy school pictures, they are ALWAYS hideous with their faux tree backgrounds, but i figured it would be cool to cut up the proofs they send home & include them. 

Week 44 insert front

Just a 5x7 insert with the boys in costume. 

Week 44 insert back
funny note: if you are familiar with adventure time, rance was supposed to be finn's sidekick, 
jake the dog. kid would NOT put the hat i bought him on. 
so, last minute 'uncostume' costume. 
he had a little scooby to carry.. but he was set on having two hands on his bucket! 

Week ?: November

Stephen's sticker from voting.
Mason's report card
Some stickers from his field trip
(chaperone's aren't allowed.. bummer!)
a quote & a few random pictures. 

Week ?: November

a text from my brother ragging me on the number of times he thought i'd see twilight BD pt 2.
the cover of the new soundtrack (love!) 
a end of season soccer party.
a self portrait by mason
the cabin we rented with my parents for christmas.
and a text from the hubs. 

The insert front/back for the above week. 
twilight breaking dawn pt 2 viewing with buds friday night
and an over night grown up girls sleep over saturday night. 

Week ?: Thanksgiving

This ended up being one of my most favorite spreads of 2012. 
(i think maybe because i've been hoarding that foam pumpkin for 8 years & was happy to use it!)
the dude suckered me into downloading angry birds star wars. 
lots of thanksgiving pictures. 
ticket stubs
the toughest thing was working those tree decorating pictures in. 
what was i thinking putting my tree up this week?!
should have known it would ruin my color scheme ;) 

insert for thanksgiving, just more pictures from that day...

Week ?: December

Some hijinks from Jingles the elf
a countdown card
the boys christmas wish lists
working on 9x tables
and a christmas song mason wrote.

Insert for the above week. 
jingles photocoping himself
& a christmas school project from the dude. 

 Week ?: December

School party before christmas break.
Christmas tree decorating @ oma's.
pound cake baking. 

with that i have THREE more spreads left. 
two are finished save for the week in review cards, 
and one is planned, just not done. 
then there is the cover page. 



PL 2012: Weeks 42 & 43

(this one is just for you miss andrea! ;) 

remember me? 
i remember you. 
it's been months since i've blogged. 
and truthfully, i haven't missed it. 
after years of blogging, i've lost interest. 
in a way project life seems to have taken the place of what once made me blog. 
the daily stories. 
the funny little bits of life. 
i can't say i'm sad about it. 
life changes, evolves, and i'm good with that. 
i may still blog occasionally, but it's way down on the list of priorities for me. 
(if you're dying to know what i'm up to though, i'm a habitual instagrammer :) 

so i haven't a single picture printed past week 7 of 2013...
but i was jonesing to create something. 
i needed a creative & mental break from reality. 
(which is odd since technically i'm scrapping reality, but whatever)
so i went back to the last few pages in 2012 that i was hung up on at the beginning of the year 
& wrapped those up. 

i hadn't intended on posting them her, but miss andrea persuaded me with her compliments & request :) 

week 42

week of my birthday, as well as the annual fall carnival in town, so an insert was called for. 

totally took my color cues from the angry bird drawing the dude did for me, 
and the fact i dyed my hair pink that week. 
i'm not much of a pink girl, but if you make it neon & pair it with green, i'm game! 

baseball page protector with some pictures from the day 
& a little journaling. 
tried putting a confetti pocket in the middle of the page without sewing it... 
not loving it.. but i'm leaving it. 

it was hard to narrow down pictures from the carnival. 
i knew they'd be smallish- so i opted to cram my journaling on before printing them. 

week 43

more good stuff. this was the week we went to the corn maze, so another insert was necessary. 

above with insert
below without. 

color cues this week were from the corn & the babes shirt he wore while we were there. 

couldn't NOT include the georgia vs. florida rival game
 its a BIG to do in our family
since i married into a georgia family, and mine is a florida one. 
the heckling starts before the game & continues after. 
my brother or my husband usually have to be avoided after the game depending on the way it sways. 
included a piece of the corn maze map as well. 
& i'm totally into using vellum to subdue a photos 'off' color scheme & still include it 
(ala jamaica edgell) 

above is the front of the insert
below is the back
this insert is my go-to for events. love the mix up of sizes & orientations. 
went with typed journaling, again. 
makes wrapping up a big event so much easier. 
keep it simple with some journaling & move on. 

these pages have me ready for fall! 
bring on the pumpkins, scary movies & fall festivities!!! 
especially excited at the prospect of decorating our new house, and actually having trick or treaters come! 

i have a few more pages to share, but i have to run for now. 
i'll at least be back to share those ;) 



currently: 6.11.13

adjusting: to life in our new house. new house? yep. we moved about 3 weeks ago. i had this big post planned to share the story, but who knew moving was so much work? soon though, i promise! 

making decisions: on paint color, furniture placement, what goes where.. it is truly exhausting, even for someone like me, who thrives on organization. there are more places to cram stuff in our new house, but i'm trying very hard to eliminate the stuff we really have no use for (like the boot from when i sprained my ankle two years ago while i was pregnant with rance. i HOPE i never need it again, but if i do, isn't that what insurance is for?)

working: in between painting walls, and trim, and switching out light fixtures, and refinishing furniture, and doing all the 'other' normal house stuff like cooking & cleaning, & laundry, i'm still plugging away at school. last month was art history, and we got a quick feel for photoshop. this month it's designing computer graphics, and illustrator. i was scared, and for good reason.. this stuff is intense! and so intimidating for someone like me who didn't even know something like illustrator existed! 

planning: the dude's birthday trip to wet & wild. as a florida resident, you would think i love water parks... not so much. over chlorinated water, standing in hour long lines to get a 15 second run down a slide, and being a breath away from sweaty, barely clothed strangers is not my idea of fun. add in the fact that the cool deck-skid resistant coating they put everywhere does a number on your feet, and i'm a total party pooper. i'm roughing it out for his sake though. wish me luck! 

what i'm not doing: reading, watching tv, working on project life. i'm happy to be busy, but i'm missing those things i love to relax doing. 

until next time...
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