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life: three whole months.

it's funny how it creeps up on you.
time, that is.
on thursday this little guy turned 3 months old.
i remember thinking about what dinner out & nightly routines would be with this little guy in tow..
and now, it's just our normal.
i can't imagine life without him.

at three months old he is:
-rolling over consistently
-sucking his thumb every time there isn't a bottle in his mouth
-eating less frequently (because i was apparently OVER feeding. oops!)
-sleeping 11-12 hours at night (i'm SO blessed!)
-growing like a weed. fitting mason's old 6month clothes. he's LONG. well his torso anyways. poor guy :)
-still loving bath time.
-laughing. giggling. & it's so infectious!
-following everyone with his eyes
-loving his bouncy seat
-hating his swing. still.
-hating the car seat
-loves sleeping on his tummy
-could care less about the pacifier
-smiles. big smiles.
-is over all a happy yummy snuggly baby boy

all of the above is just in case you were curious :)

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  1. Of all the things you've made, Kristy, this has to be my favorite. :) Mason is up there, too.


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