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life: did you know?

i love my mom.
& i know she means well.
but she is CONSTANTLY feeding me little tidbits concerning weight loss.
it's always.. "i was reading in this magazine"
or... "i read this email"
or... "i saw on tv"
i always hear her out, but very rarely do i apply what she tells me.
it's not outright disregard, it's more like not remembering what she said.

but i remember a few things.
and i've tried to start implementing them in my new diet.
(or 'lifestyle change' because i'm trying to overhaul the way we eat)

for instance...
did you know that cinnamon is a metabolism booster?
it is. my mama told me so. and good housekeeping says so too.

i just sprinkle it on top of a lightly buttered piece of whole wheat toast.
it doesn't add much flavor (without the sugar part of course) but it doesn't taste bad...
& it's a jump start for my day.
i've put it over peanut butter as well...
but if you don't like cinnamon, they make it in capsules you can take like a pill.
no joke. (my mom bought them for me, told you she was thoughtful :)

over the years she has also told me that..
spicy foods speed up metabolism
olive oil targets belly fat
high fiber diets work best
something about apple cider vinegar...
the list goes on & on (more of which are here: burning belly fat)

so. my mama told me & now i'm telling you.
do with the information what you will :)
(SEE MOM I DO LISTEN... sometimes! :)


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  1. I thought they made the capsules to be thoughtful for diabetics...cramming that much cinnamon in each meal can be a real chore (in case you missed the part where cinnamon is monumentally good for diabetics' glucose levels :p ) Never even thought about who else they are marketing them to, heh.

    And my mom is the QUEEN of tidbits. She does research specifically re health, among other things, as well as being obsessed with learning the latest and greatest, so my sisters and I are always getting random emails about the most obscure things. It can be...enlightening. :p


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