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diy: my fudgy valentine.

it's been a loong day of crafting.
but i'm finally finished with all but one valentine's day project.
& that one hopefully will be done tomorrow.
i can usually get more done when the dude is in school & it's just me & the babe.
odd, right? you'd think it'd be the opposite.
not here.

so these are mason's valentine's for his class.
i'm not going to lie.
it was a tad bit more work than i anticipated.
but i'm very happy with the end result.

can you tell what the tubs are?

how about now?

yep. in their former life they were baby food containers.
(don't worry i washed them twice, really good, with hot soapy water)
they just seemed like the perfect container for something...

so i put this inside.
(it's fudge. with sprinkles. heart shaped sprinkles. :)
nothing fancy.
kid's aren't that particular about their chocolate, ya know :)
it's a foolproof fudge recipe.
appropriately named & available here at eagle brand.

once the fudge cooled i got to work decorating them.
just needed:
-double sided tape
-corner rounder punch
-tape measure
-paper trimmer
-scrap paper
-heart punch
i cut a bunch of strips out & taped them around the bottom.
then i cut some paper for the tops & rounded the edges..
and punched out some hearts..
assembled the tops...
i couldn't come up with any cute chocolate or fudge related sayings..
so i just stuck with the above.
lame, i know.
and there ya have it.
i'm contemplating attaching a popsicle stick or plastic spoon for easy eating.
i'm undecided.
what's your thought?


ps. i am STILL not done with valentine's day posts. few more coming. :)

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  1. Visiting from whipperberry! I love the packaging, too cute!

  2. What a cute idea! I've always thought those containers could be used for something else.

    I found you from whipperberry too.

  3. What a cute idea! I love that you re-used baby food containers! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love reusing the baby food containers. What a great and cute idea. Thanks for sharing at Tatertots and Jello.

  5. OMG! This is such a great idea! Your recipe is MY fudge recipe--it never fails. What attracted me to your post was the title: My Fudgey Little Valentine. Maybe you could use that on your lid? Or something like, "You're a Sweet Heart"? Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. This is just the best idea!!! I'm kicking myself for finally getting rid of all of those baby food containers! Thanks so much for linking up to the Pretty Packages Party! Hope to see you at the party again next month!


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