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life: signs of sickness

so there is a craft project in sight.
cross my heart.
(came upon it today at walgreens, the idea that is)
we were there picking up gatorade for the dude.
he's been sick the last 48 hrs.
he's on the mend now, practically his old self.
but the last few days have looked like this.

multiple cans of lysol...
scattered around the house..
 in the living room & bathroom,
with one can migrating between the kitchen & the dudes room.
i have walked through many a 'cloud' of lysol in between caring for the babe & the dude.
(along with multiple hand washings & half a bottle of hand sanitizer)

the dude's cup equipped with a borrowed spoon from the babe's collection..
to combat his inability to SIP the water.

disassembled couch cushions.
i'm sure you can guess why.
i was skeptical at the hubs suggestion to actually WASH the micro suede covers..
but he was right.. the darn thing was on it's way out anyways, what could it hurt?
(*note to self: you now have THREE boys. no more beige couches!)
surprisingly, they came out just fine...
and honestly. i'm contemplating washing the other two!

thermometer hanging out on the computer desk....
when it's not in the bathroom, or the dude's room.

towel strategically placed by the dude's bedside..
along with the washcloth he had on his head last night
& the leftover bag of ice he had on his neck this morning.

& the boy...
quarantined to his own room for fear of spreading whatever he has to his brother..
(not that he made it off his bed, or out of his room much anyways)

so i'm sure you can understand why there's been no crafting the last few days..
keeping him home tomorrow to make sure he's seen the last of it..
hoping to have him back to normal so he can hang out with his bud cogan friday night..
(cause mama is really looking forward to hanging out &
laughing her butt off to mj the experience with his mama)


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