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life: the weekend

it's always cause for great celebration when the dude has a good week at school.
(it's a tough thing for him.. but that's another story for another day)
so we try to make a big to-do to celebrate his success.
visiting uncle ricky & aunt shea is right up there with visiting chuck e. cheese.

so we made the jaunt to orlando to hang out saturday.
shea toted the babe around a good part of the day.
he was SO completely content.
i'm amazed with the teething that he's nothing more than totally drooly.

we nixed our original idea of the fair..
& took the dude to play put-put golf.
he was totally loving it.
& was waaay less of a big deal than i thought it would be.
(he has this thing were he doesn't like to try new things he MAY fail at)

and speaking of doing things we are afraid we MAY fail at.
i did this...

or i took this i should say.
the bf's sister wanted maternity/family pictures..
and i DIDN'T use auto.
and the pictures DIDN'T totally suck.
not all of them were perfect...
 in the midst of everything i forgot to adjust things between shade & sun.

so i'm proud of both of us.
small steps :)


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