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housekeeping: color ordered closets

everyone has them..
those crazy little quirks..

my husband can't stand anything sticky on his hands..
the smallest spot of stickiness on his hands will drive him insane!

my dad can't sit down to eat if a kitchen cabinet is open..
we've often gotten a good laugh at his expense by randomly opening a few cabinets...
& then laughing as he mindlessly wanders the kitchen to close them.

my mom makes perfectly shaped triangles in the carpet when she vacuums..
she is FANATICAL about it.

and me.. well i've got a few crazy things i do as well.
i've decided i'm going to start sharing the crazy every once in a while.

first up.. color ordered closets.

every closet in my house has the clothes in it hung in color order...
i realize i may not be the only one out there who does this..
but does everyone get as OCD about exactly what order the clothes in each color are hung?

i do.

in the babe's room, within each color its:
short sleeved shirts
short sleeved button ups
short sleeved polo's
long sleeved shirts
long sleeved button ups
long sleeved polos
short sleeved onesies
short sleeved polo onesies
long sleeved onesies
long sleeved polo onesies
one piece jumpers

convinced i'm nuts yet?

the dude's closet & our closets follow similiar crazy over-organizing. within each color:

tank tops
short sleeved shirts
short sleeved polo's
short sleeved button ups
long sleeved shirts
long sleeved polo's
long sleeved button ups

how about now... are you thinking... 'this lady is nuts'?
hear me out...

now.. i don't expect everyone to run to their closets & start color-organizing & crazily rearranging..
but it works for me. & it works for helping the dude get dressed on his own.
he'll say he wants to wear blue jeans & i can tell him to pick something orange or green...
then he can run in & grab something..
knowing i won't make him go back & change.
(granted.. by now he's a little more aware of what matches.. but when he was 4 it worked well!)

not only that... but because i can visually see what amount of color is in each closet..
when i'm shopping for new clothes i easily avoid buying tons of stuff in the same color...
(not that that is a concern for anyone other than me who has a mother who monitors the quantity of certain colors in their wardrobe! :)

so now you know one of my crazy quirks. trust there will be more :)



  1. I totally feel you on this one! The color of my hanger has to match to clothing item hanging on it... they cannot clash.

  2. I do not have closet quirks, well, except those wire hangers that come with my husband's work uniforms....however, can totally relate to your cabinet doors are AWFUL! :) Love reading your posts!


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