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life: shenanigans

i'm back (obviously) from my weekend retreat..
refreshed & relaxed..
the hubs survived the day yesterday with the boys..
no catastrophe's or melt downs.
this is a very good thing.

i would show you pictures...
if i.. uh... actually did anything other than socialize.
but i hardly did anything other than socialize.
and i'm okay with that.
i haven't seen these girlies since january & it was nice to catch up..

but remember when i said we stay up late & get a little crazy?!

well.. it didn't take until the wee hours of the night for us to lose it..
nita & mindy & i were laughing very early yesterday at some sound clips from 'sixteen candles'
nothing like the donger saying 'no more yanky my wanky the donger needs food' to get you rolling..
although i think it actually started with mindy exclaiming
'ohhhh sseeexxxxxyyy boyyfriend!' in her best long duck dong voice..
yep. i'm pinning the whole thing on her.

but then my friend steph's teenage son introduced us to a you tube video & it was all over.
let's just say if you are okay with some not so pg humor you can search 'no no square song' on you tube.
no video, no profanity... just the words.
i'm not gonna lie.. i laughed like crazy.
and i may or may not have done a crazy little dance to accompany my singing of the song...

then today her son had me look up this video..
and i'm sorry but it's just too dang funny not to share.
at least in my opinion, which doesn't count for much..

enjoy.. i'm going to go try not to ninje chop the dog.
back tomorrow with something resembling a craft hopefully.


ps. apparently this guy has been on jerry springer. i'm sorta sad that my blog now has a connection to jerry springer. actually more like embarassed. oh well. first jerry.. then maybe oprah? ya right.

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