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diy: thumbprint bunny keepsake

in the spirit of my thumbprint heart keepsake this morning i decided to make this. 
it didn't turn out QUITE as perfect as the hearts.
(not that they were perfect either)
it's a little difficult to get a 7 month old to cooperate when ink & precise digit placement is involved.

but i'm embracing the imperfection of it & moving on.
it's going in the same frame as the thumbrint hearts went into,
& gracing the entrance of our home with a little festive easter spirit.

if you want to make one yourself all you need is:
-a piece of card stock the size & color you'd like
-ink in the color of your choice
-black pen
-willing fingers

ours were made by first pressing down the tip of the thumb for the body
& then just the tip of the pinkie for the ears.
draw on little eyes, a nose & some whiskers & you're done!

i'm thinking that i'd like to make season thumbprints for this frame from now on...
the hubs.. well, i'll have to work on him for the next one.. :)


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  1. Such a cute little craft to do!! Thanks for sharing it.

    I featured this on my TT&J facebook page and linked to you :)


  2. I LOVE this idea! Im going to make it with my daughter tomorrow! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love these!!!

    Would love for you to share at my new link party!

  4. I LOVE these and will be making them for our Easter cards...since I couldn't manage Christmas, New Years or V-day cards. Great idea! Found you on Tatertots and Jello....thanks for sharing!

  5. These.are.adorable!! I'm definatly doing this with my little baby. Oh to capture those tiny fingerprints forever. Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Hi Kristy, I finished the Easter cards thanks to your wonderful thumb print ideas and I linked back to you, hoe you don't mind! =) Check them out!

  7. This is so DANG CUTE!! I LOVE IT!! LOVE! I'm doing this! I want to do it now but everyone is in bed! AND remember imperfection IS perfection. BUT I know what you mean! OCD over here...or should I say CDO (in alphabetical order) OH and when Jen with TT&J Featured me I got over 790 hits THAT DAY!!! I'm also your newest follower! :)


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