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lego birthday: party prep

i fell asleep last night thinking about legos.
i woke up this morning thinking about legos.

i spent some time doing my 'chores'..
cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floors, straightening the living room..
then i got busy immersing myself in lego world.

i finished coloring & cutting out names for favor bags..

and then i spent about 3 hours sorting legos.
(during which i discovered my yellow sharpie bled all over my coffee table.. boo.)
i brought home three buckets of legos from my moms house...
they are a combination of all the legos my brother & i accumulated over the years..
 there were ALL kinds of non-lego things in there!
(remember micro machines & those plastic chain necklaces from the 80s..)
so why sort them?
i mean, since i plan on having small children go at them during the party?
well, first to get all the above mentioned non-lego crap out of there..
along with the legos that apparently were too tough to take apart, so they have chew marks on them.
........ ya. gross much?
but mostly because i have a few game ideas in mind that will be easier with all the little pieces sorted out.

and i must admit.
i kinda had fun putting all these minifigures together..
bad guys beware..
we've got a pretty thorough assortment of heros..
policemen, astronauts, some merry men, knights & colonial soldiers..
not to mention the odd overall clad guys in ball caps with beer steins water glasses.
no darth or luke or captain jack here.
but my back is screaming at me to get out of legoland for a little bit & stop hunching over the coffee table..
too bad i have to suck it up & fold 4 loads of laundry tonight!  


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