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diy: lego instructions binder

so... i can't promise you this is my LAST lego project..
but it's likely the last for at least a little while.
 inevitably, when you have a lego birthday party for a little boy...
you are going to come home with just a few, or 8 different lego creations.
and in each one of those boxes is at least one instruction booklet, and sometimes as many as three.

the dude burned through putting these things together in record time.
he had all 8 creations put together in the span of about 4 days.
as each one was finished, i stacked the instruction booklet on top of his tv, with this project in mind.
because i just KNEW, that one of these bad boys was going to come apart..
and heck if i was gonna know how to put it back together..
and if i didn't have the book to tell us how, i was in for lots of whining!

so this is what i came up with to keep 'em all together.
it's certainly nothing short of genius.......
wait. i mean it's nothing if not genius..
i kid. it's so simple i'm sure someone has already come up with it.
 but i did give myself a little pat on the back. :)

i can't really consider this a tutorial, because...
well because it's just so simple i'm sure you could figure it out.
binder & some sheet protectors are necessary..
everything else is optional pretty stuff.
(but don't tell the dude i called his lego stuff pretty, m'kay?)

i really, REALLY thought i was done with the coloring.
i really, REALLY am now.

snip snip here, and snip snip there... and a couple of tra la las...
oh wait we're talking legos here, not wizard of oz!
sorry.. i get sidetracked :)

here's the part were i smacked myself in the head for not measuring the size of the cover first..
and then thought to myself...
he's a 7 year old BOY, and could probably care less if the sheet fills the cover!!

i added a baseball card protector sheet to the front for some of the smaller instructions..
like the ones that come with the minifigures & smaller sets.

...and there ya have it.
all those little stapled together, destined for destruction in the hands of the dude, instruction booklets
tucked safely away in his closet...
up & away from little visitors & brothers alike.
and far from the dudes impulsive whims to decorate things with stickers!
(what IS it with kids & stickers!?!)

we are off to nana's tonight..
if he ever gets his room cleaned up.
lots of swimming & 4 wheeler riding in the next few days!!

it's been a great first week of summer!
what are you up to this weekend?


  1. I made the same thing for my boys - they haven't pulled out the booklets yet but I know they will sometime and they'll be glad to find them - visiting from fingerprints

  2. Love it! I have an avid builder and those booklets are all over the place. Now I just need to know how to store all those Legos! Visiting from fingerprints.

  3. Great idea...our millions of Lego booklets are piled into a mini storage bin.
    ps---Have you ever found a book or a website to print out instructions for building with legos so we can build new things without having to buy new sets all the time? (Yes, I know we could use our imagination....but my little guy really loves to read and follow all those instructions.)

  4. We are just starting to get into those small lego sets, but this is a great idea! I could probably do this project with a small binder for all his transformer instructions. Those little guys are tough to figure out!

  5. This is such a great idea, I hope you don't mind me linking back to you from my bog it will be up later today


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