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life: with three boys

i should probably just save this post & come back to it..
the words just aren't a'flowin from me tonight.
could be because i spent the day with three boys.
7, 5, & 9 months.
and there were times when the 7 year old (the dude) had me wanting to pull my hair out.
(like when he just said the word 'sex'  to the 5 year old & my eyes came popping out of my head)
and then there were times when the 5 year old (cogan) made me want a mute button.
(like when he argued that 3 teenage girls in bikini's were naked & would not relent)
and rance is just teething & grumpy and miserable unless he's shoving something in his mouth. 

(just to clarify. the dude had no idea what sex meant & couldn't remember where he heard it other than a movie. & cogan thinks anyone not fully clothed is naked apparently. i've already decided they will be trouble together as teenagers!)

back to what i was going to talk about.
(like that nice little detour? ya. it ain't all sunshine & flowers around here :)
i'm no expert on how to get your kid to not be a sore loser.
not by any means, as my child sees fit to throw tantrums in the middle of bowling alleys.
after two birthday meltdowns at bowling alleys...
i decided some effort was required on my part to so call 'tame the madness'

(please excuse the obviously TOO short pants. he insisted on wearing them & it was so not worth the fight!)
this is what i got the first 10 frames he bowled last week.
total pita.
(that's pain in the you know what.. just in case you needed an explanation!)
whiny. whiny. whiny.
he wanted to quit after the first game.
i'll admit, it was REALLY tempting to just give him his way.
but instead i made a deal with him.
i promised him that if he played the next game, with no whining whatsoever, he could play video games after.
but the least bit of tantrum & we would quit & go home.
and ya know what..
he bowled a 78 (vs a 55) & had a blast with it.

yes. this is him having fun!
(and it's my favorite shot.)

well, i hate bowling.
you're gonna laugh, but i don't think i've EVER bowled higher than a 120 MAX.
and one time i almost hit an innocent bystander.
well, he was more like a highly intoxicated heckler...
but the point is, the ball went the opposite direction it was supposed to.
bowling is only a few notches above golf & basketball in my book.

so this is me, fumbling through parenting.
trying my best to teach him it's okay to fail.
that not everyone is the best at everything & that's okay.
it's that very thing that makes everyone special & unique.
today cogan kicked his butt, twice, in bowling... and he hardly noticed.
so maybe i'm doing something right.
or maybe he really was dying from starvation like he claimed.....

and this little guy..
well just keep giving him something to shove in his mouth & he'll be fine!


tomorrow. redneck sprinkler. say wha?!

ps. if you too have a sore loser.. i found some good tips here. check 'em out!

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