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travel: cocoa beach

has it really been a week since i last posted?
wow. it has.
i'm so lame, even i wouldn't want to follow my blog.

but, in my defense.. it's been one heck of a week.

we ended last week & started this week with a trip to the beach to spend time with my brother
& his in-laws.
as always, we had an amazing time.
if i lived with my brother's in laws i'd need to lose more weight than i already do.
let's just say his awesome mother in law, linda, is italian.. and leave it at that, m'kay?
(i'm sure you can use your imagination to elaborate!)
it was a mother's day, father's day & fourth celebration all wrapped up into 3 days.
(because my brother & lovely sister in law shea are part gypsy & can't stay put for holidays :)

it was the babe's first trip to the beach ...
& he was in HEAVEN.

he also sprouted fourth top teeth while we were gone.
he's gonna look like a fang baby until the middle ones catch up to the two outside ones.
(i'm thinking that could be penance for my vamp obsession..)

it was a pretty low-key week, playing catch up from being gone over the weekend.
ya know laundry, putting stuff away...
am i the only one who feels like i'm moving out of my house to travel for 3 days with 2 kids?!

endured 7 sticks from a lab tech while he attempted to get blood from me.
i am NEVER a tough stick. EVER.

and then in a totally unplanned manner the dude & i ended up spending yesterday
watching a moment in history with our very own eyes.
it was unreal.

i promise to fill you in. :)
but not just yet....
have a great weekend!!
so far ours is filled with rain & relaxation..


1 comment:

    It's okay to take a break from the blog...we'll live, especially knowing you're having fun.
    So...the babe and his sand crawl made my mommy heart patter with joy. how freaking cool for him to experience! my kids haven't seen the ocean yet...hello...we live in California. SO LAME! BUT we are planning a trip to the coast this month! Yay!
    Glad you got to hang with family this week...and see history...can't wait for THAT post!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hot and sunny here! =)


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