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diy: plastic bag storage

i have a GIGANTIC project to-do list..
most of which consists of projects found on/inspired by pinterest..
now that the birthday stuff is over & done with, i'm trying to cross somethings off of it..

ya know.. i don't even know if this can be called a 'project'.
it's more like a 5 minute pantry make over, that took 3 minutes.
how's that for ya? :)

if you are on pinterest you've likely seen this one floating around..
if not.. well consider yourself informed of this simple storage idea! :)

here's my pin. and the original website that posted it..
(along with much more in depth instructions, if you are interested)

i'm almost embarrassed to show you the before...
but here it is.

i really do try to remember my reusable bags, but sometimes i'm human and i forget!
(don't tell the green police!)

just cleaned out & took the label off of a clorox wipes container...
(i'm trying to break my addiction to these..they are so horrible on the environment)

separated all the bags & just shoved them into the container one by one.
i'm sure there is a more organized way of putting them in.. but honestly..
this thing is full enough with just a handful of bags that it forces them to the top..
and i don't want to have to unroll them every single time i need to shove a new bag in!

and here is the after...
(i should mention.. i'm anti-paper plates & cups...
but those things are realistic when throwing a party..
and somehow i end up with extras... ALWAYS.
you are looking at about 7 years worth of party leftovers!)

and done..!
soo much better.
i'm creative, but i can't stand clutter & disorganization.
(the dude's room drives me nuts!
why can't a 7 year old keep action figures separate from cars.. sheesh! :)
and maybe the other one is a little cuter..
but this thing is in my pantry & ain't nobody gettin' a gander at it but me..
so i ain't wastin' the time or paper ;)

using up some of my saved plastic & glass bottles. check.
organizing pantry. check.
crossing items off my to do list. check.

happy thursday!

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