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life: the sunday review.

i'm pretty sure the accessibility of my cell phone camera is the cause of the decline of use of my dslr.
the ease of use coupled with the instant gratification of tubo filters, ya... it's just shameful.
BUT, i'm going to try and justify it, by saying that most of these shots would not have been captured had i not used my cellphone..
because, i don't know about you.. but i'm not one for lugging my camera to the movies.
(i'm too busy relishing in the fact i'm not toting a diaper bag that holds everything but the kitchen sink in it!)

but i worry about them getting lost in my cell phone.
so every day, or every other day if i forget, i email the pictures to myself.
i name them for the date & save them to a file on my pc.
something like dec2cell1.
that's december 2nd 1st cell picture.
i realize this may become a problem with no year attached..
but it's what is working right now.

and, in an effort to get just a bit of information saved with the pictures..
i'm going to start 'the sunday dump'. (please see below for..uh.. well just look at it okay?!)
i know i've SORT of already done this..
but i'm going to try & make it a regular thing.
we'll see how it goes. :)

1. we had an elf come to stay with us for the holidays, mason was quick in naming him mr. j. bells.
2. this little guy has given up on trying to get into the cabinets & has taken to getting into the drawers, i spend my days now picking up duplos AND measuring cups.
3. we finally bit the bullet and purchased new christmas lights (we haven't had any in a few years) & the neighbor girl (who's 8) said 'oh, wow, you are finally getting christmas lights this year?!' i had a good laugh at the hubs expense! :)
4. i've never been one for multi-colored lights, but i am in love with the LED versions! they are so bright, although this picture hardly does them justice!
5. i've been snapping mr. bells daily hi jinks. this day he was caught in a slinky hanging from the light fixture in the dining room!
6. i made peppermint garland for the tree. a not so quick, but easily done christmas craft.

7. capt. jack, lego pirate cornered mr. bells on the bookshelf at knife-point.
8. had a movie date with the dude to see the muppets. so cute. so happy to share my love of muppets with him now! :)
9. a beautiful, unexpected gift from my amazingly talented friend andrea! (ps. she should have these in her etsy shop soon, check her out!)
10. game of life with nana & the dude after the christmas tree was decorated.
11. reading 'little women' by tree light :)
12. mr. bells tp'd the tree, which got a good laugh fom the dude & dada threaten to kick his mischevious little butt to the curb, which got ANOTHER laugh!

13. mr. bells snuck in the freezer to eat some of dada's ice cream!
14. the babe has also (with help from bubby) discovered how much fun it is to get in his toybox & throw everything out on the floor.... several times a day!
15. mr. bells reading the nutcracker, a book inscribed 'merry christmas kristy! love, oma christmas 1989'
16. dinner @ Mediterranean blue in orlando with my brother & his wife after a day of shopping at ikea.
17. mr. bells playing hide & go seek.
18. i've discovered the secret to napping on the go... the babe has rekindled his love affair with blankies, a few rubs with his fingers & he is out like a light (although this was after the christmas parade last night & apparently nana wore him out!)

it'll likely be sparse around here this week.
i have a christmas present i need to knock out by friday that's going to require a great deal of patience & attention, so i fear it'll take up all my free time..
we'll see how it goes :)


ps. so, ya know how sometimes you write something & then when you come back & take a second look at it & think... wth was i thinking?! ya.. the sunday dump? sounds... well.. just excuse me okay, but i live in a house with three boys where dump means something totally different. so... i'm rethinking this one.. !!!

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