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currents: 1.18.12

watching: the dude ride his bike. he went from not wanting to ride it, to teaching himself to ride it... in just a few days. he seriously would NOT even try to ride it after christmas of 2010 when he took a major nose dive off it. it sat at my mom's house & every time we were there we'd try to get him to ride... with no success (he didn't even want to bring it home). insert neighbor kids with new bikes for christmas & suddenly he's DYING to ride it by himself. monday papa brought it over & by monday afternoon he was an old pro! (check one off the 2012 to do for him!)

reading: just finished reading 'Maids of Misfortune' (A Victorian San Francisco Mystery #1). it is my FAVORITE book of 2012, so far ;)

eating: ruby red grapefruit. every morning for breakfast. i can't seem to get enough of it.. but as it's supposed to be a metabolism booster, i can't see how it's a bad thing to be addicted to!

needing: project life design A page protectors. and waiting NOT so patiently for them to come in. i've been working on my first two weeks, regardless... but i want them in page protectors already! :)

obsessing: purging. simplifying. also known as getting rid of useless clutter taking up space in our lives. there is a definite garage sale in our future. no untouched toy or shoe is safe right now!

learning: how to use the silhouette cameo. how to eat clean & gluten free. how to accept change for what it is, and embrace the new 'what is' as something just as special as the old 'what was'.

loving: this stage that the babe is in. he's learned how to open the doors in the house & while annoying sometimes, it's so funny to watch him stand on his tiptoes & then squeal with delight when he gets in a room he shouldn't be. he's using the sign language i've taught him frequently, & we are adding new words about every two to three weeks. (here's the website i'm using if you are interested)

looking forward to: my cousin's wedding in march. it's in st. augustine & we are taking just a few days prior to the wedding to take the dude to the fort there. it'll be his first trip & i am BEYOND excited about it!

pinning: healthy food. pirate parties. project life. & amazing designs.

i'm busy with the business of life. nothing particularly interesting. trying to get my self on some sort of household schedule, so i can balance what i have to do, with what i want to do. it only took me 1.5 years of being a stay at home mama to figure out i need one, talk about late to the party. i'm enjoying that lull between christmas & valentine's day, and hope to tackle some house projects in the coming weeks. right now, most of my time is devoted to figuring out this new way of eating. it's like being in school trying to educate myself on grammar, with all the can's & cant's. it's a challenge, for sure, but one so far i'm enjoying! :)


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  1. I love the idea of having "currents" every now and then. Good idea, I might steal it from you! ;]
    Congratulations Mason! :D


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