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my life: embracing the camera

i don't often get myself in the picture..
especially when we are traveling, i'm not much for 'CHEESE' type photos..
i like more candid, in the moment stuff..
and i rarely like to step out from behind the camera..
but i'm joining in emily anderson's embrace the camera this week,
because i actually have something to share!

it was SO sunny last friday as we set out to explore the 'castillo de san marcos' in st. augustine.
it kind of snuck up on me.. resulting in sun-burnt shoulders for me...
& a set of sun-kissed cheeks & nose for the babe.
(in walks the joke about me being the white-est person in florida)
but the big guy, mason that is, wouldn't quit complaining about the sun in  his eyes..
and would NOT let me get a picture of him that didn't involve scrunched up eyes
& wailing on his part he was going blind!

so... we dropped the $5 in the most tourist-y shop in town, and bought him some shades.
and i had the lightbulb moment when i tried to snap his picture
& realized i could see my reflection in the lenses...
sort of inspired by this picture our pediatrician, my old boss, has in her office..
her hubs snapped a picture of her looking at the eiffel tower, only you see the tower in the reflection of her sunglass lenses.
very cool. VERY cool.

so here's my not-as-cool, but proof-i-was-there-despite-lack-of-pictures version! :)


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  1. Fun picture! My husband has super shiny sunglasses too and I love taking 'together' pictures of us, like you did! Fun, fun!

  2. love the uniqueness of this one! Shows what we look like from our kids perspective!

  3. Very unique perspective!

    Hope you can keep embracing the camera!


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