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project life: week one

i finally have my first TWO weeks of project life completed AND in an album.
can you believe it?
did you just fall out of your chair?!
i was pretty ecstatic myself last night to tell you the truth.
i've had pretty much ALL of week one & most of week two done for quite some time..
but i couldn't get the summary card right.

i didn't like the white i used first..
so i redid it.
then i didn't like the way i did the date...
so i redid it.
then i didn't like the embellishments...
so i redid it.
then it was my handwriting, the silhouette title, the stickers.
and then we finally got a new printer & i found a font i liked & just went with it.
i had to MAKE myself stop fixing it.
i hate when i keep fidgeting with stuff, makes me nuts.

once i let it go i..uhm..redid two of the 3x4 pockets.
i know.. i KNOW.
so counterproductive.
but finally last night it all just clicked for me.
and i got both weeks done & started working on week three.
i have my pictures edited & order up to date..
and notes & journaling all organized..
so it's just the actually doing that's been hard for me.
and i'm not scared of messing it up or something..
i just can't seem to get motivated.

but.. without further ado..
here it is. week one :)

(i know what your thinking.. all that fuss & this is it?! yep. this is it.. :)

i've had enough time to look at everyone's pages
&figure out what i'd like to pull together for myself.
i really wanted to include a page that was a date holder..
and i liked the idea that there was a 'week in review' summary for all the little things that didn't have a picture or spot of their own within the spread.
that's the card that gave me the most trouble,
because i wanted it to be pretty uniform through the book..
with just the title stickers/cut out/embellishments changing.
(don't ask why that was important.. i just wanted it matchy-matchy kay?!)

the 'she believed she could so she did' is a piece of card stock cut out with the silhouette
& then i cut a piece of cellophane out & filled it with glitter
(more on that tomorrow)
the white baggie has pieces of the everyday in it.
a tag off a new pair of pjs for the dude.
a wrapper from a new bar of soap i used to make laundry detergent.
(i'm kinda an advertising/logo lover and i'm soo happy to be able to justify keeping these things now!)

so, i realized during the putting together of this that there was ALOT about food.
it seems i didn't really pick up my camera during the little moments..
and i felt the need to document so much of what we were eating.
(i think that's in part because i am calorie counting, blah)
i've since lightened up on the food photos
&focused on kiddo photos.. even if they are blurry & surrounded by mess!

mason always cracks me up when we eat at the japanese steakhouse.
he insists on eating with chopsticks
(and to be honest, he does better than me!!)
and what i really should have gotten a picture of is him attempting to eat his cheerios the next morning with chopsticks!!
we were working on teaching rance a new sign, this one for 'eat' appropriate right?!
a piece of that divider grass they put in your sushi take-out.

i put my cousin's invite for her wedding in a separate sleeve
& sandwiched in this week as an insert.
i didn't get a photo of it...
mostly because i'm speeding through this while the babe is napping
& i didn't want to spend time blurring all the details :)
(lazy you say? nah. just have good time management!)

are you doing project life?
i'm always looking for more inspiration.. link up where you post your stuff :)
i'd love to see.


supplies used: project life: design A page protectors, binder. tools: tim holtz tiny attacher, silhouette cameo, american crafts precision pens & slick writer, black staz on, staples office date stamp, scotch dot adhesive roller, ek success small heart punch, 7 gypsies days of the week roller stamp. paper: studio calico patterned paper, kraft cardstock, white cardstock. other: making memories brads, martha stewart labels, heidi swapp ghost butterfly, scotch brand masking tape, smash black dotted tape, american crafts thickers (black & amy tangerine gray), ek success black alphabet stickers, basic grey red alpha stickers, making memories silver glitter @, american crafts JFK black stickers, smash pad journaling entertainment.

i tried to list everything, there is no way i can link everything up, as LOTS of it is older stuff. if you have a specific question, feel free to ask, i'll do my best to answer! :)

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