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project life 2012: week nine

week nine was a busy week.
well, maybe not the week so much, but the weekend was.
my cousin got married on saturday
in st. augustine, florida.
we took advantage of the locale & did some sightseeing.
mason had never been before (and apparently neither had my dad)

i ventured way from my 'two color' scheme frame of mind.
there were A LOT of pictures to weed through.
and A LOT that i wanted to include.
along with maps/brochures/memorabilia etc.
i decided to stick with my 'neutrals'.
kraft. white. gray. black.

here's week nine:
two design G page protectors sandwhiched in the week.

the right side is just a few pieces from mon-thursday.
with a short blurb on the week in no particular detail.
then one of our (many) parking passes
& the map from the fort cut up to fit into the two bottom 4x6 sleeves.

here's the insert page by itself.
i decided to take cues from my old days as a yearbook editor in highschool.
each picture got a number cut out of kraft paper on my silhouette & stapled to it.
the first 3x4 slot holds journaling for the entire page, with numbers corresponding to the pictures.

here's a close up of that.
i went with minimal embellishments this week..
(ok none pretty much)
because it took the focus off the design
& put it on the memories for me.

here's the next set of pages
again another design G.
done pretty much in the same fashion as the first one.
each picture numbered & journaled in the 3x4 slot.
it was dark & I didn't get many good pictures inside the restuarant we ate at..
so i cut up a map in a souvenir booklet that had the place on it.
bottom is card that was attached to a gift bag left in our room (i think)
by the bride & groom.
hacked it up to show just their names
& at the very bottom the date (which is very faint)

the back side of design G.
pictures from the wedding which spill over onto the last page.
they had a photo booth which i coaxed mason into for some pictures.
our place card & some pictures of the boys dancing.
on the right more pictures of mason cutting it up.
(the brides brother accused him of stealing his game)
the bridesmaids were totally charmed by him.
a picture of rance in the elevator
(pretty sure that may have been his first time in one that weekend)
and then our tickets to the pirate museum.
would have liked to have had pictures but it operated under the strict
bummer :(

a close up of two of the 3x4s.
hubs totally surprised me by ducking in
&buying a fossil purse i was oogling but wouldn't let myself get.
this is only the second purse in our 12 year relationship he's bought, so it's a big deal people! :)
slapped down some of the tissue from inside & the tag from the bag.

this is 4x6 is from the front side design A.
i wanted to include snippets from before we left as well
& this was the best way i figured how :)

and that's week nine.
i've got 10 wrapped up & plotting out 11 as we speak.
gotta order some more pictures
& now that i've managed to finally finish my book maybe
i'll have a good 'nother run a playing 'catch up!'

questions on supplies? leave a comment.
want a closer look? click on a picture.

thanks! :)

ps. if you were my wild olive swap buddy & you are reading this THANK YOU THANK YOU for you package. i have misplaced the card with your information on it & haven't been able to thank you properly, but i loved EVERYTHING! :)

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