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crafting: hand lettering

yesterday i spent some time stretching my creative muscles.
okay.. let's just call it what it was..... doodling.
but doodling with a purpose.

and it was sooo therapeutic.. and hopefully it leads to something more..
in the was just plain fun!
i love hand lettering..

(trying something a bit different)

i was sharing my little doodles with the parents/cousins who's names i was doodling.. and one of my girlfriends reminded me that i could do one for the 'big' girls too :)
and then one of my friends saw the doodles on instagram,
and asked if i took requests...
her request led to this doodle..
which led to more interest..
and so.. i may just be taking more requests..
hello christmas spending money :)

12 years on monday to be exact! :)
we are off to the dude's third grade orientation...
& then grocery shopping..
thankful the hubs is off today to help me shuffle our little injured one around.
crab legs at the 'rents house tonight for my mom's birthday..
and soccer sign ups tomorrow...

i'm so ready for fall! :)


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