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music: maroon 5 overexposed

i'm one of those people who never seems to fall in love with an entire album.
ok.. not unless it's a dave matthews band album.
then i'm desperately in love.

this new maroon 5 album, overexposed.....

i swear it's like they had a window into my heart the last few months.
E V E R Y. S I N G L E. S O N G. I S. A W E S O M E.
and while they don't EXACTLY apply to me.. i just connected to this one song.
it's sad, but damn it's hauntingly beautiful.
it'll be connected to an event in my memory forever..
and while it makes me sad... it somehow gives me hope.
that sounds crazy.. i know, but it's so true.
(one day maybe i can elaborate)
sad-maroon 5.

hope you have something fun up your sleeve this weekend..

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