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video: the twilight affair

i have to laugh.
i mean. it's hollywood.
did people really think that this couple would last an eternity?
i wonder if the screaming fans realize that they aren't in fact bella & edward?

get a grip people. seriously.
my brother texted me and asked me my feelings....
i had to laugh cause i knew he was getting at my twilight obsession.
(i had a 30th surprise party that was twilight themed.. i mean it was BAD!)

but i'm indifferent.
i feel bad for robert pattinson & the family of the other guy, but no more or less than i would to any victim(s) of infidelity.

and i'm not a will ferrell fan.. but this here is just damn funny!



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  1. This made me Laugh.Out.Loud. It helps that I adore Will Ferrell and you already know how I feel about Twilight. TFS! Seriously. :)


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