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thankful thursday: generosity of others

i didn't participate in posting something i was thankful for everyday this november,
but i surely THOUGHT of something i was thankful for!
so yesterday.. while i was thinking about what i was going to post today..
considering making it 'thoughtful thursday', a situation that happened the day before, instantly popped into my mind, and decided to make it 'thankful thursday' instead.
(hopefully i can keep up this blogging thing & by next year will have 52 weeks of things i am thankful for!)

so this week i am thankful for the generosity of others.
i am constantly humbled by it.
i was doing some online research on a kitchen playset, as that was what we/i decided to get the babe for his 'want' gift.
he LOVED playing with my little cousins set, and he is ALWAYS underneath me in the kitchen.
so i was comparing all the different features, and sizes, and prices, across the toy trinity,
ya know walmart, target, toys r us.
and i decided to post on facebook asking for anyone's input that had experience with one.
what i ended up with was not what i expected.

i ended up with an offer for the very same set i was looking at, from a friend of a friend, for FREE.
i wanted to cry.
this person can't possibly understand how much this meant to me,
'cause to be honest, i wasn't entirely sure i was going to be able to pull of getting it in the first place.
i TRIED to get her to take money from me, and she wouldn't hear of it.
i am so grateful. i can't even begin to express my thanks to her.
(but i'm sure gonna try! i have a little 'thank you' in the works for her two girls when we pick up the set)

this may seem entirely silly, given my son does not NEED a kitchen set.
but for me, it doesn't lessen the gesture.
i'm working with a tight budget, and trying to make sure that my kids experience a little of that magic on christmas morning is important.
the biggest kiddo is excited about having money to spend on others, because we aren't spending it on ourselves.

paying it forward this season.

happy thursday.

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