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currently// 6.23.14

a random list of things i'm currently crushing on: 

found here
this poster from emily mcdowell. i'm STILL in love with hand-lettering.. don't think that will pass anytime soon.. and this quote is something i so need right now. i often have to remind myself i'm in the middle of this design process, and not to be so damn hard on myself. making mistakes is part
of fine tuning your tastes, and knowing where your talent/strength/interest lies. 

found here
came across this set of stairs on pinterest from funky junk. oh my. this is so totally right up my alley. with yardsticks as risers.. i just have to convince the hubs that this is a good idea... i think that'll be harder than getting it done! 

above: the best chocolate chip cookies i have EVER made. below: death by chocolate cookies my friend Nita swears are the best cookie EVER (seriously, she couldn't stop talking about them for weeks) i made two batches of each of this cookies for the family gathering after my grandmother's service, and they lasted less than 24 hrs. all the other desserts were still hanging around when these guys were gone. if you make them, i PROMISE you will not be disappointed! 

found here
this bracelet from bourbon & boots. here's the thing.. i know some people don't consider anyone from florida to be 'raised in the south' (i.e., my husband) i was born in miami, and have lived in a sleepy little horse town since i was 7. i always considered myself from the south, and was proud of my southern roots, until i became an adult, and realized that more often than not, people from the south are classified as bible thumping intolerant individuals. that is the farthest from the truth in my case. i know that i live in a area where people fear change, and struggle to accept anything that may go against what they were taught in the bible, but i'm hoping that i can strike a balance between being proud of my southern heritage (which spans back to my great great great grandparents on my mom's side, and on 1/2 of my dad's side, back just as far) and being forward-thinking. 

Tina Aszmus @ Studio Calico
i'm so ready to jump into the smaller sized album for my project life style scrapbooking for 2014. i opted for the smaller size because last year the 12x12, weekly format just became to overwhelming with school.. even though the organized part of my brain loves that chronological "everything has it's place" approach, i needed something less 'strict', and smaller, so that i didn't get stuck when i had weeks with not nearly enough content. so i have  3 SC handbooks patiently waiting to be filled. i haven't printed a single picture for 2014, and i'm still buying. i am on school break next week, and i have vowed that i will finish up 2013, and start 2014 in the midst of mini-day trips with the kids! 

otherwise.. i'm currently obsessed with planning out my menu and attempting the whole 30. i'm scared, and excited and so so ready. i feel a little like i did when i cut gluten & started doing my best to eat clean... it's soooo much info to take in! 

oh, and there has been lots of drinking of this: 

until next month..


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