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Project Life//2014

i said it before, & i'll probably say it again & again until you're totally tired of hearing it. 
i love project life, and i am IN LOVE with this 6x8 size. 
it's so great to pick my favorite stories, quotes, & pictures & keep going until i hit the next month, without paying attention to a weekly format. 

i made a vellum overlay to separate the end of one month & 
the beginning of another. mostly because i have 4 'month in review' cards
one for each of us... 
& because i just wanted to :) 

nothing really special about any of it. 
almost 100% of the pictures are from my iPhone & edited in pictapgo. 
(the spreads were shot with my nikon, which sounds like it's on it's way out :( ) 

i have this post in mind, about the way we approach scrapbooking... 
but i think i'm going to leave that for another day.. 


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  1. Great spreads and I think this size is very cute and may have to try it next year.


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