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recipe: not your average grilled cheese sandwich.

let me just clarify first.
i am not all crazy obsessed with mayonnaise as of late.
true, i prefer mayo to ketchup with my fries.. but that's pretty much the limit of my mayonnaise craziness.

but when i posted about the mayonnaise rolls a few nights ago, i got an interesting email from a reader. he says he was a chef in his former life, and along with sending me a link to a recipe for a cake with chocolate AND mayo in it (no joke) he told me he uses mayo in place of butter for his grilled cheese sandwiches.

i'm serious.

so, when i made grilled cheese sandwiches for mason & his friend cogan a yesterday, i just couldn't resist trying it myself.

my curiosity got the best of me.

i figure if i tried raw fish in 2010 i could certainly try a grilled cheese made with mayonnaise.

but i didn't want to waste food. so, like a chicken, i only made a half a sandwich.

and you know what?

it wasn't bad. it tasted almost the same as it does with butter. it was void that rich buttery taste you obviously get when you use butter, but it wasn't horrible.

he said it added a tangy flavor, which i didn't get.. but i'm guessing that's because i barely put enough mayonnaise on to get the bread to brown. (i wasn't entirely sold on the idea, i'll admit it.)

but i tried something new.
and once again. i didn't die.

and i'll try it again... someday.

thanks for sharing guenther!

xo- k

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  1. You can also use mayo in cheesecake recipes. Makes it creamy smooth. and it won't taste like mayo


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