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life: bringing in twenty-eleven

i know....
i said i we were an old married couple & we likely wouldn't last into the new year..
but we did.

and here's how:
chinese take out (because the steaks didn't thaw quick enough)

and some sage advice from our fortune cookies

my fortune


then we shot off some really pathetic bottle rockets & firecrackers. (i mean really sad)

and this little guy started to crash 20 minutes before midnight...

we watched the ball drop in nyc.

mason 'ewwed' all the kissing couples in times square. (then 'ewwed' at us)

& instead of toasting the new year with champagne, we did it with fresh baked brownies (as in hot out of the oven at 1155) & ice cream.

it may not have been glamorous way to ring in the new year..
but i did it with 2 of my most favorite people, & isn't that just how it should be?


ps. i'll be back with my favorite moments of 2010 once everyone's had breakfast.
(mama's job is never done! :)

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