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valentine's day: esty edition

it's onto the next holiday.

no not new years.

i'm talking about valentine's day.

yes, i'm aware that new years TECHNICALLY qualifies as the next holiday, but since we became an old married couple we rarely celebrate it. we've hung out with friends a couple of times, but we don't live it up like i figure you are supposed to.

i mean truthfully, it's a big effort to stay up until midnight. the last time we tried, i think i fell asleep. big party person i am right?

so. onto valentine's day it is.

i figure if the department stores already have valentine's day stuff out, i can post about etsy valentine finds right?

even if i can't, i'm going to... because this is my blog, and i'll cry.. i mean post if i want to! :)

xo @ oh hi shop

there isn't much i am NOT in love with at oh hi's shop. i mean.. take a peek yourself! this would be a cute little piece of desk art. i've been looking at the 'hello' canvas for a few months...

cupid's locked heart bracelet @ sol-e-mar

i'm a bracelet kind of girl more than a necklace kinda girl.  i always end up with shirts with funky necklines, and the necklaces i have never work. then, do you shop for the shirt first? or the necklace? i mean seriously! too much to think about! all i have to do with a bracelet is make sure it fits!

heart factory @ pearson maron

this little heart factory is just too tiny & too cute. (& too fragile for my house) the kind of little trinkets i love, but will refrain from buying until i have a safe home for them..

red labels @ julie collings

i love love love these vintage labels. scrapbooking. cardmaking. gift giving. good for valentine's day & then if you have any left over, for christmas too!  

hello love embroidered art @ the career scrapper

i told you i was all about the embroidery! this is just totally adorable. and i'm all about reusing old materials!

i love lucy apron @ lover dovers clothing

i am not an apron wearer, i'm more of a dishtowel over the shoulder kinda mama, but if i did wear one, this would totally be it. (i'm half tempted to pick it up and have a halloween party next year just so i can be LUCY! ps- mom if you are reading this i promise not to die my hair red again!)

she was happy necklace by kathryn riechert

yes she was... what am i saying.. she IS!

seduction necklace @ wild woman jewelry

when i do wear necklaces, it should be said, i do simple. simple statements. and this speaks volumes.

sweetheart accessories @ elna designs

it's things like this that make me wish i had a girl, and at the same time, make me thankful i have boys, because i would be flat broke. scrapbooking embellishments would totally be traded in for little girl accessories!

valentine's necklace @ merriweather council

embroidered necklace?! hello beautiful! really, need i say more?

vampire valentine set @ eden creative studio

ok, so this last one is a bit of a joke. anyone who knows me gives me a hard time about my vampire obsession. you'd think it was onset by my obsession with all things twilight, that started about 2 years ago. but it didn't. i'm an october baby, and honestly have always loved all things supernatural & creepy. i'd trade dressing up & pumpkins for christmas any day of the week. it's just that the vampire scene exploded with twilight. from there i became obsessed with true blood, and the sookie series.. & then came vampire diaries. i know i'm not alone in my total commitment to the various vampire worlds, but if you don't want to admit it, that's okay :) i'm kinda a closet vampire lover too.... well. maybe not.

my 6 year old recognizes edward & jacob & bella, and he's never seen even one of the movies. previews for the eclipse dvd come on, and he blocks the tv & starts screaming 'NO MAMA! NO!'

my mom threw me a 30th surprise birthday last year & it was twilight themed. they got my dad & brother in vampire makeup. my dad had eyeliner on. (that's some love there!)

but enough about vampires. (the hubs just walked in... he's team jacob!) :)

and onto valentine's day crafts. christmas snuck up too fast & i didn't get as much crafty stuff done as i want to. i figure if i start in december i should make it by february.. right?

here's to hoping.


ps. did i mention i have a SLIGHT etsy addiction? you'll find that out if you stick around long enough. i love enabling!


  1. oh my! what deliciously romantic finds~ thank you so much for tucking my little necklace among them! and I'm lovin' merriweathercouncils's sweet embroidered beauty!

  2. Absolutely love all of the etsy things you posted. Too cute!

  3. so excited to be a part of your vampire AND etsy obsessions! thanks so much!

  4. beautiful finds, thank you so much for including me!!


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