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diy: beach memories in a jar

i know not everyone wants to sit down & glue pictures to paper & write stories. scrapbooking is not for everyone. my best bud christina takes ALMOST as many pictures as i do, but never does much with them, other than having them printed out. and that's okay. me personally, i like the stories that go with my pictures just as much as the pictures themselves. (and i'm kinda crazy about paper & stickers as well)

i'm not gonna lie, i have no idea how long ago i saw this idea featured in a country living magazine. (truth be told it could have even been a southern living or martha stewart magazine.. i don't remember) all i know is it stuck with me.

what is this idea? well, what the woman in this article had was a wall in her living room, covered in shelves, lined with clear glass spice jars. and those little jars were labeled with a place & a date &  filled with about a handful or more of sand. there were jars with snow white sand, black sand, volcanic rock, pebbles & everything in between. it was like a snapshot of each trip her family had made.

i decided to put my own spin on it. i liked the little jars, as they were more 'space friendly' but i like collecting shells as well, and i obviously couldn't squeeze shells into those little things. (not to mention i have a slight fascination with mason jars.) so i figured i could upsize to a mason jar & put a little sand as well as some shells in it.

(there are some jars that have just shells. we found so many at st. joesph's state park i couldn't part with any!)

so back in... 2005 i started my 'beach jar' collection. i have just a handful of jars. a trip to st. simons island, ga. two to cocoa beach. one to port st joe beach, fl. one to mexico city beach, fl. they each have a little sand & some shells we collected, along with a label on top of where it was & the month & year.

sometimes i feel a little silly whipping out my ziploc bag & scooping in beach sand as passersby eye me, but in the end it's worth it to have a little time capsule of our trip that sits on my dresser as a reminder of lazy happy family days :)


ps- in case you are curious.. we only take shells that do not having living creatures inside them :)

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  1. This is an interesting way of preserving beach memories! Beach trips are rare occasions, and the times we spend in one do create some precious memories we would surely want to treasure for a long time. By doing this, we get to bring pieces of our trips with us - not just memories, but tangible memoirs that will last for a long time.

    Donna Parsley


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