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scrapbooking: more pages

i pretty much almost had heart failure yesterday when i tried to download pictures of my pages off my camera yesterday (i don't like the way the scanner colors everything). my laptop wasn't recognizing my USB cord. ISN'T recognizing it.

i guess it's a good thing we now have THREE computers in our house. yes, three. santa & dada conspired against me to leave a third on christmas morning.

so after panic & fear took hold of me, i restarted my computer & then leapt over to the hubs pc to try & download everything before some other piece of technology decided to revolt. (ie: my memory card)

once i got all that settled i had just enough time to get a few of my pages blogged & the babe woke up. (he was really needy yesterday, surprised i got anything accomplished)

so here are the remainder. (again if you a scrapbooker & want supply info click here.)

remember what i said about technology revolting? ya. stupid blogger. the last four pages won't upload.


hope you have an awesome weekend! :)


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