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recipe: beef & onion stew

that'd be an ALMOST empty pot.
an almost empty pot of beef & onion stew....
that is TO DIE FOR.

i made myself a note on the recipe last time i made it to double the recipe for leftovers.
i should have followed my own advice.
there was hardly enough left to take a picture of..
(hey, we were hungry!)
let alone left for lunch tomorrow...

& it's SOO easy to make.
it's just a few of these:

and some of this:
 and just a little of this:

along with some olive oil, beef stock, brown sugar, flour & some herbs.

you'd like the recipe?
ohhh.. well i guess i can share.
the recipe that is...
there obviously isn't anymore stew! 

so here it is: beef & onion stew

make it. you won't regret it!
(and you can thank me later!)


ps- once again pictures are from my camera phone. i've become too lazy to pull out a real camera. so sad..
pss- back to work on my memorabilia sorting. post on that tomorrow!

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