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life: winding down

as the weekend comes to a close, i have next weeks 'to do' list forming in my head.
it involves taking the babe in for his 4 month well check (what?!)
working on my cookbook, & starting to tackle my mom's
continuing to type up recipes for a family project
packing up my scrapbooking supplies for a retreat this weekend (SO excited!)
possibly making a prototype necklace for myself
(etsy & craft shows be warned!)
& taking care of the daily stuff.

this weekend has been a bit of a whirlwind.
friday the hubs was off, so we made the best of our one-child time & did the bi-weekly grocery shopping.
then some how a trip to walmart to pick up a sleeping bag for the hubs hunting trip in a few weeks turned into a night of he & mason camping out in the backyard.
it was unplanned & just totally enjoyable honestly.
we roasted hot dogs & marshmallows over a little backyard bonfire.
i gave in & gave up my attempts at pictures because they were virtually impossible without a flash,
& that just seemed to wash-out the rustic & campy feeling the setting had.
it was a trial camping run. mason has never camped out.
(our tent. which we bought 8 years ago. has NEVER been used)
rance & i were warm & cozy sleeping inside. (in case you were curious!)
hopefully when warmer weather comes
& rance has a few more months under his belt we are going to attempt camping for real.
i'm looking forward to little camping adventures :)

i've got some laundry to finish up today
& then we hope to snuggle up as a family
& watch a movie after dinner tonight before we start a new week.

i'll just leave you with these images.
(of poor quality i know, because i was trying to be all stealth-like with my camera phone)

notice anything??......... no?

how 'bout now?!
yes. my 6 year old son climbed into the crib with my 4 month old.
& the smile didn't come until after i told him i wasn't mad, but he needed to get out!

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

ps- i'm being called to supervise tent folding. must go where i am needed! :)

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