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recipe: chicken & wild rice soup.

(so easy a caveman could do it)
yes i just said that.
but it's true.

i've always considered the ability to concoct a good soup or stew as some talent held at arms length from me. like figuring the correct proportions of liquid to substance as some mythic ratio i couldn't wrap my head around.

but i've slowly added soup & stew making to my cooking repertoire. i'm a stew & soup lover, so i'm pretty excited about that... & who isn't up for a meal you can cook in one pot?

one thing to note. when you set out to make a stew. really read the cooking time.
i was all set to make this soup yesterday, had everything set up & ready to go.... then i noticed it said 'cooking time: 8 hours'.


ya. shifting gears at 430pm, not so good. luckily we had just been to the grocery store & so the hubs saved the day cooking freshly purchased steaks.

so today after the dude was dropped off to school & the babe was fed & happy i started in on making this soup.

i looked for a online link, (it's an old recipe cut out) but since i wasn't successful... here it is, with my changes in parenthesis.

chicken & wild rice soup

- 1 lb chicken cut up into 1" pieces (it said thighs, i used boneless skinless breast)
- 2 cans cream of potato soup
- 14 oz chicken broth
- 10 oz bag of frozen chopped onions (i diced up one medium onion instead)
- 1 cup of wild rice uncooked (i used long grain & wild because i already had it)
- 1 cup half & half

1. put chicken in crock pot. mix up all remaining ingredients except half & half & pour over chicken. set crock pot on low & cook for 7-8 hours or until juice from cut chicken runs clear. (i cut it to 6 hours & it was fine)

2. once chicken is cooked through, stir in half & half, then turn crock pot up to high setting. cook for 15-30 minutes or until hot.

viola! (told you. so easy a caveman can do it) :)

*it did note that if you reheat the soup, to do it over the stove on low heat & continue to stir to prevent curdling. (eek!)


ps. i have some valentine's day ideas roaming around in my brain... but i'm wondering how to work out the logistics of making it with enough time to share the ideas & not having extras sitting around in my house to tempt me!

pss. do you have a soup or stew recipe? i'd love to add some new ones to my collection that are tried & true! please, link it up or email me! :)

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