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one little word: moxie

i made a list of things i'd like to do in 2011.
i said it was more like a 'to do' list then a resolutions list.
keeping resolutions seems intimidating.
(and then if you don't follow through it seems like such a disappointment.)

well, if you are one of those people that is sorta scared of resolutions...
 then this idea might be for you.
one little word.
it's an idea ali edwards started.
i hopped on the bandwagon in 2008.

in 2008 my word was 'be'.
in 2009 it was 'peace'.
in 2010 it was 'persevere'.

my words have sort of evolved from still & quiet words..
 to words of strength... words of action.

in 2010 i knew we had some rough roads ahead.
i knew there were challenges in front of us, that couldn't be avoided.
i was determined not to give up or give in, but to hit them head on.
and i was successful, surprising even myself. (well mostly myself)

 i was so surprised at how strong i came out on the other side,
that by the end of the year i started FINDING things to challenge myself with.
the personal growth felt good.
so good, that i decided that'd be my goal for 2011.
to challenge myself.
to grow as a person.

so when i started thinking about my 2011 word it started off as 'learn'.
but that felt a little flat.
then it became 'seek'.
that didn't seem to have the tenacity i was looking for.
then i thought about 'try'.
because we are in the thick of trying to encourage mason to TRY things, regardless of the outcome.
but that really didn't fit because i wanted to succeed at the things that i was trying.

so i sat with my thoughts.
january 1st rolled around & i still didn't have my word.
i was sorta bummed, but again determined it was out there.

and then it hit me.
it was sassy & determined all rolled into one.
it was 'no guts no glory'.
it was MOXIE.

that's what 2011 is about.

xo- k

ps. i challenge you to pick a word. think about what you want out of life this year. a change you want to make in yourself. check out the link to ali's site. & then leave me a comment & let me know what you want outta life this year! 


  1. LOVE your word for this year! Moxie has a great meaning...and it's fun to say too:)

  2. That is a great word! Now you've got me thinking... I did not make a resolution, but I bet I can think of a word.

  3. Kristy, I LOVE, LOVE your word!! It is so awesome; so totally the makings of a new craft line or something...hmmmm???
    I also wanna thank you for commenting on mine....hee, hee, boy can I tell you are younger than me - I never even knew Madonna had a song by that name - rats! I might have to re-think it....naa, I'll make it my own. :o)
    Best wishes....oh and LOVE the new blog, would I love to pick your'll have to wait though, I won't get to see you at the retreat in Jan...have a great time!


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