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life: so long twenty-ten.

2010 was a busy year for us.
a happy year.  
a squeeze the life out of every second kinda year.

in january.

we rang in the new year in georgia & i finally got my little boy + railroad tracks picture.
we found out we were pregnant with baby#2 on my grandmother's birthday
& it snowed florida for the first time in a long time.

 in february.

we got our first glimpse at baby#2.
 in march.

we celebrated easter with family & i got one of my all time favorite pictures of the dude.

 in april.

mason ditched the swimmies & started swimming on his own.
& we went to a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law shea.
& the hubs went to a semi-bachelor party for my brother.
(from what i hear it's good we don't have pictures!)

 in may.

my dad graduated with his bachelor's in criminal justice.
(that's my brother, his wife & my mom with him)
we went to the blue crab festival where the boys ate way too much fried seafood.

my brother & shea got married. it was such an AWESOME experience.
& mason (my baby!) turned 6 & nana & papa bought him a four wheeler.  

in june.

we had mason's 6th birthday party. & he was sick & grumpy.
he lost his 5th tooth.
he graduated kindergarden.
& we spent father's day in cocoa beach with my brother's new in-laws.  

in july.

we had a low-key fourth & i got some of my best firework pictures to date.
mason finished his last week of summer camp. it was an experience he loved!  

and i severly sprained my ankle.
at almost 8 months pregnant.
i was swollen & hot & VERY unhappy.

in august.

mason started first grade.
& my baby shower went down with tons of friends & family present.
(and i was still sporting that stupid air-cast)

 in september.

our beautiful baby boy rance made his entrance into the world.
& stephen's grandmother stayed with us for 2 weeks.
it was a wonderful time.
in october.

rance's first halloween. mason was a pirate & rance was the 'booty'.
rance turned 1 month old.
we went to our first corn maze. it got dark fast & i was scared to death.
& i made chicken & dumplings for the first time.
in november.

rance turned 2 months old.
& we made the decision that i would not return to work after my maternity leave.

mason got honor roll for the first time (it's not given in k5)

in december.

mom & i traveled to see family we hadn't seen in 20 something years.
(it was something that waited far too long!)

& this guy rode his bike for the first time without training wheels.

& it was our first christmas with these two new family members.
 rance & shea
can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.


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