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recipe: beer & cheddar potato chowder

it's been one of those kind of weeks.
you know the ones that seem to run on forever.
i know i shouldn't complain... i mean i get to stay at home with my children right?
but, it's been a looong week.

add to that my husband has been working all weekend & that i have a SERIOUS case of the dropsy's, you can imagine how much fun it's been.

i have dropped & spilled: two bottles (one of which was all over the baby carrier), mod podge, glitter, stew, formula, coffee, dressing, cereal.... i think that's about it.

so i've been all about cleaning things over & over again. sounds like fun right? ya. not so much.

SO. with the multiple cleanings & the hubs working late.. one pot soups & stews has been the go to dinner choice around here.

we had chicken & wild rice soup on monday. beef stew on wednesday. and beer & cheddar potato chowder friday.

the chowder was VERY good. (much better the first day than leftovers tonight)
it's a slow cooker recipe from betty crocker.
since i'm sort of on the outs with my camera (my pc is not recognizing the USB cord)
this little picture from my phone is all you get.
but you can get the recipe here.

i did manage to finish another valentine's day gift. (go me)
i hope to have pictures up tomorrow. (if you are interested)
is there anyone out there? (leave me a comment, i'm kinda feeling like i'm talking to myself.)

see ya tomorrow.

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  1. I know this is way late but when my pc didn't recognize my cord it was because there was a virus on my pc. Just wanted to let you know so you can check it out. I have read your posts since then and see you posting pics but just wanted to throw it out there in case. Btw I noticed Rance was born on my oldests birthday Sept 9th. :)


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