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life: babe vs. lion

 'hello LION, there has been talk of you bad-mouthing me on the play mat'

'what's that? you say my clothes smell of spit up & my diaper is saggy?..
well YOU look like a baby chewed you up & spit you out!'

'so what if you are the king of the play-mat, i can take you down!!'

'you can not silence me! i fight for all the babies unable to sit & crawl on their own!
you will bully us NO more!!'

'take that!!!!'

'ah ha! i've got you now!'

'say you'll stop bad-mouthing babies for drooling... we can't help it!!'

'mmmaaaaaaaaaammmmmaaaaa!!!!! he won't say he's sorry!!!'

oh ya...
he also wrestles gators..

that's only in his sleep :)

the babe cuts his first tooth & thinks he can take on the world.. :)

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

ps. no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post :)

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