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diy: glam sippy cup + doll tutu

i'm sort of really excited about the little gift i made this week.
it came to me while shopping for gatorade with the dude post-illness.
(i love it when that happens)

i saw this set of purple & pink sippy cups..
and thought 'i can put glitter on those!'
so i bought them...
because my best friend's little girl, calla, has a birthday coming up...
and what's better than a glammed-up sippy cup?!

i'm not going to give you a full tutorial..
it's the same exact steps as it was for the glitter cup
(just click the link above if you need step by steps)

but here's what ya need:

-smooth surface sippy cup (bumpy would work, but it'd be more difficult i'm sure)
-mod podge
-something to catch the glitter
-something to funnel the glitter back into the jar (i used paper)
-alphabet stickers (optional)

above is the first one, just covered in glitter.
below, i decided to get a little creative.
i put a letter sticker on the cup & then mod-podged & glittered over the top.
once i was COMPLETELY done with all the steps, i removed the sticker to expose the 'c'.
(if you take the sticker off after the first layer you'll have to try
& line your sticker back up to put your second coats on)
i really thought about putting rhinestones in the 'c' to dress it up a little..
but i worried about her plucking them off & putting them in her mouth..
so i left them off..

then, much like the glitter cup.. i wanted to dress it up for gift giving.
that's when the great idea hit me!

i grabbed some elastic beading thread & some leftover tulle from this tutu & another one i made..
and made a doll tutu for the cup!!!
(again, i just used this tutu method i posted here... only using beading thread as the elastic waistband proved to be too thick)

aren't they just the cutest?
little miss calla sure is lucky i don't have a daughter..
she gets to reap the benefits of my craftiness that result in 'girly' items!
(not that she wouldn't if i did :)

and just so you can see how cute this little tutu will be on her little dolls...

i put it on a moose.
(read like: i carried a watermelon)
look at how sad he looks.... like why me?
unfortunately, we are a little short on cute dolls around here & the tutu doesn't fit action figures so well..
(nor would the dude let me EVER put it on one.. :)

hope you are having a fabulous weekend, wherever you are, whatever you are doing..
we are off to spend some time with calla & the rest of her family..
we are having a 'michael jackson: the experience' visit..
'cause the bf really should not miss out on this :)


ps-don't forget to enter the giveway up top.. only one day left :)


  1. Loved the glitz mug, thanks for the visual with he-man in a tutu! Have fun with mj and the gang.

  2. Oh I love this one too!! And that tiny tutu is just too fabulous!

  3. Do you have an etsy site? I would love to purchase 15 of these for a party. Any interest?


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