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diy: manning up your gifts.

i'm all about giving things a second life.
like the fudgy valentine's the dude took to school that started out as baby food containers.
not only is it environmentally responsible..
but you have the opportunity to make whatever it is unique..
not to mention it's definitely more cost effective..

baby food seems to be the central source of these second life items right now.
these guys were once formula cans.

i tore off the label & was left with a shiny tube.
i would have LOVED to just put something on that silver..
but in taking the label off, it took some of the silver with it
 requiring the whole thing to be covered up.

now, you'd think i'd have 'manly' looking paper laying around my house
 since i am surrounded by little boys..
but no such luck.
(ok i lie, i have plenty of BOY paper.. but stars just doesn't scream valentines day to me)
since these treats were intended for guys, i wanted to 'man them up'.

i took some masking tape & blue electrical tape & wrapped them up.
put some scraps of paper that had hearts punched out of them
(the green was the backside of the paper from mason's valentine's)
& alpha stickers to spell out the message.

(the electrical tape i know is not traditional in color for valentine's day..
but since my husband someone misplaced the silver duct tape i was intending to use...
i went with the electrical tape as kinda a joke to my dad who is an electrician in his other life.)

they may not be every one's taste in packaging..
but it was a quick & easy fix using stuff i already had laying around the house..
and they are less girly.
i'm sure my husband & father will appreciate that as they tote them around in their respective work trucks today.

& just incase you are curious..
they had white chocolate covered popcorn in them..
with valentine m&m's..
& heart sprinkles..
making THAT was an adventure.
not my best sweet making to say the least.
therefore no pictures.
(as i was too busy smacking myself in the head for being so careless)
hope your valentine's day is fabulous!

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  1. That's a REALLY cute idea!
    Love the fact that you're being really's giving me inspiration to get some work done! ;D


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