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president's day: etsy edition

i promise this blog isn't going to become an all etsy all the time blog. 
but.. i didn't think about the fact president's day was just a few days away when i posted
 the st. patrick's day etsy finds...
and i can't resist posting the president's day ones..

and.. let's be honest.
i kinda needed a craft battery recharge after valentine's day.
i've been jotting down ideas for st. patrick's day..
getting excited about classroom treats i can send in...
only to realize that some crazy school board person decided spring break
should be the week of st. patrick's day!

whatever happened to spring break being the week before easter?

i promise to get my craft on & stop boring you soon..

in the meantime though,
i have some etsy finds for you
(because drooling over etsy items helps me not only to recharges my batteries..
but also makes it painfully obvious that our disposable income is NO more..)

and i realize that like, 3/4th's of this list is lincoln..
and i'm going to just tell you straight up..
i'm kinda a history buff.
a long time ago i wanted to be a history teacher
(then i realized teenagers scare me)
when my dad didn't have us watching nick@nite as kids..
we were stuck watching the history channel.
(secretly i was ok with it.. but you got to complain about something when you are 17 right?!)
when we went on vacation to six flags in georgia one year i requested a trip to andersonville.
i was one of those teenage civil war buffs.
i'm SUPER cool right?

but on the lincoln bit.
i sorta have a fascination that extends beyond the whole lincoln-kennedy oddities.
i probably shouldn't admit this, since i've already given you so much fuel for how lame i really am..
but i've read way more than one book about him.
it's ingrained in my brain he was born february 12th & died april 15th.
i'm certainly not an expert..
but i know more than i probably should about lincoln..
and less than what would seem normal about say, the real housewives or jersey shore.
(which by the way i don't get.)

so here it is.
president's day: etsy edition

(you'll find out.. i'm kinda a graphic tee junkie)

i love love this print.
media graffiti has SO many awesome prints.
from classic cars to movie icons..
(you should really check them out!)

i thought i was the only one with a fascination for jewelry made of coins..
until i met my friend steph.. she shares the same love.
anytime i see coin jewelry i always think of her :)
i love this visualized saying!

this shop has SO many lovely lockets.
along with lincoln they have some washington too... if that's your thing ;)
i have more than one of her items bookmarked as a favorite!

i love this print.
it's like juno movie poster meets old world.
& i love it.
(along with the little tidbit of info off to the side)

i believe some of our most inspiring quotes come from presidents..
(or their wives. think eleanor roosevelt)
i LOVE this quote.
so very true.

it's traditional cameo ring meets lincoln.
hello genius!
very cool.
(ok. maybe just to us lincoln lovers :)

perfect president's day decor.. and 4th of july as well!

and then there are multiple presidents items i just think are too cool:

i think this onesie is funny & adorable.
i love elloh's shop.
i'm not going to tell you how many of her items i have marked to my favorites.
she combines art with pop culture & just does it so well.
my favorite is a mary tyler moore print.
(yes. i'm 32 & i loved the mary tyler moore show. i told you dad made us watch nick@nite didn't i?)
one day. one day it'll be mine  :)

another absolutely awesome shop with awesome hand drawn items.
check it out.
you WILL not be disappointed!

how much more fun would it be to learn the presidents THIS way!?
(told you i liked her stuff:)

and just because it's just too funny to not include:

lots of fun & funky baby onesies here!
(like the 'copy' & 'paste' set for twins!!)

ok. i'm done.
now i have to go.
the natural disaster that happens every weekend when all my boys are home is awaiting me.
(tell me i'm not the only one who wonders if i missed the weekend twister
 that left such an aftermath every monday?)

happy president's day.
crafting will commence momentarily :)


ps. in case you were wondering. i get no compensation from these shops. i truely believe in supporting artists of all shapes & sizes. i am making the effort to support the handmade movement the best i can. the artists are contacted to let them know i used their images in featuring their items. ( i just think it's the right thing to do :)


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