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life: i like to party

confession: i am watching new moon.
i just had to get that out there.
i feel like i'm cheating on eric from 'true blood' with edward.
silly? absolutely.
but ya know what?
when you are a stay at home mama you have to live vicariously through someone..
why not bella today?
(ok. totally lame i know. but i have to keep myself entertained to get through folding laundry) 

but i have another confession: i'm not folding laundry. i'm party planning.
for birthdays in may & september.
yep. that's right.
too early you say?
no way.
i LOVE to plan a party.
my best bud & i daydream about being party planners. 
we both LOVE to party.
(she by the way is the anti-twilighter.. i know right?! )

from the invites to the favors, food, decorations & games.
i become a slight bit obsessed over the whole thing.

see what i mean?
drawing pictures.
jotting down ideas.
i borrowed the dude's colored pencils & doodling pad..
& have been jotting down ideas for parties.
the dude was set on a spy party..
even said he wanted a hat & a long coat 'that went down to here & had buttons' for it.
then this morning he says he wanted a lego party.
indecision. crazy kid.

i'm even working on ideas for the babe..
who isn't even 6 months old yet.
i can't help it.
i have to actively make myself hold off until january to party plan.

i'd REALLY be in trouble if i had a daughter.
twice as many ideas & cute things..
& one day i might run out of fun 'boy' ideas...
but right now..
i'm still good :)

hope you have a great weekend..
(mine is starting off well :)


1 comment:

  1. what??? you cant cheat on Eric! Edward is nothing compared to Eric!! :)

    my secret dream job is party planning too and the array of crayons and doodling made me happy this morning


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