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life: random blatherings.

go away already.
it rained saturday.
it rained sunday.
it rained today.
i'm really over it already. it's bad enough i feel like a caged animal on days full of sunshine, take away my ability to go for my daily walk & it makes me even more grumpy.
(plus i'm tired of smelling wet dog)

i downloaded this 'action snap' camera for my phone.
i'm slightly obsessed with it.
but now that i WANT something to move while i'm taking pictures, nothing does.
(isn't that how it goes?)

red eye.
apparently the dog doesn't like the smell of herself when she is wet either.
 last night while attempting to get her out of the truck during the rain, she backed up & stepped right into the carrier where our little piglet was waiting to be carried in under the cover of an umbrella. he (of course) immediately started crying. but as the hubs was in front of the dog (who was blocking his view) & i was getting the umbrella, it was not seen exactly where she stepped. once i got him inside & out of the car seat he stopped crying & all that could be found was a redness in the white of his one eye.
when it was still there this morning we made a 'better safe than sorry'
trip to the doctor's to have it checked out.
the verdict: safe. likely the dog swatted him in the face with her tail, but no corneal abrasion.

paper cutting.
i'm working on my valentine's gifts. it involves A LOT of paper cutting.
that & glue & ribbon & ink.
the light is not really cooperating with me to take pictures.
(ya know. the gloom. rain. bla bla.)

speed reading.
i finished pride & prejudice (for the first time) in about 28 hours.
& i was mad at myself for flying through it.
i'm not a 'savor' the page kinda girl. i blow through it & then i'm sad it's over.
but it was REALLY good. i wasn't at all disappointed having seen several movie versions.
i missed my 1 book a month goal by 1 day.
but now i'm struggling with a book to read next. i have several on my shelf that haven't been read.
wuthering heights. the lord of the rings trilogy. the invisible man & the time machine.
the wizard of oz. alice & wonderland.
all classics.
and what i really want is the next sookie book.

hurt bum. & other unmentionables.
the hubs got me a bike for christmas. i was REALLY excited about it.
(even though my brother & mother laughed & called me dorothy & asked where toto was.)

(ok.. so maybe i hear the theme music in wizard of oz in my head when i look at this..)
i like that it's 'old fashioned' & that it has a basket.
then when i started looking into contraptions to tote the babe on my trips..
i was crushed. no passenger rides for him until he's 12 months old.
(and yes, the hubs can watch him, but a bulk of my 'free time' is during the day when he's at work)
so i was all excited yesterday when we loaded up the bikes to go riding at mom's.
let me just say. it ain't as easy as i remember it being when i was a kid.
laugh all you want.
 that seat? it ain't as comfortable as it looks.
my legs were like jell-o when i got done..
and my bum & other unmentionables.. they ain't feeling so swell today either.

& that's about all for now.

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