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life: amusing probably only myself.

i'm inclined to believe that what i'm about to do will likely just embarrass me..
but as the confession i'm about to make certainly can't HURT anyone..
maybe it will serve simply to amuse you.

but i am sure i am not alone in my craziness.

here it is.
i make silly faces & noises all day long.
i talk in a way, most days, that would most definitely embarrass me if anyone else were to hear it.
& while feeding the babe..
he does this thing were he puts his hands over his face.
sometimes as if in shame.
sometimes as if he were scarlet from gone with the wind lamenting over the heat or boredom of it all.

yes. you heard me right.
i just compared my 5 month old baby boy to scarlet o'hara.

but it's what i do.
i sit there for the 20 minutes or so it takes him to suck down his bottle..
& watch him move his hands around his face & over it.
& i imagine what he must be thinking.
sometimes i give my own commentary.

daytime tv can be lame..
i need some form of amusement while glued to the couch.
don't act like you, as a mama, haven't done something to amuse yourself in caring for your child.

so there you have it.
amusing probably only myself.
(or embarrassing only myself maybe)



  1. Love it! I remember those days and I can't remember the things that I would say, but sometimes I would just break out in song, making up the words as I went! Have a great night and thanks for your nice comments!!

  2. LOL, too funny. I don't have kids but we do this with our dog. My husband will actually "talk" in Cole's voice. He's Hispanic. :)


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