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life: something crafty this way comes..

in one week's time i've had refrences to three different movies.  
first it was 'clueless', here.
then it was 'men in black', here.

that was sorta a pointless bit of info huh?
stick around long enough & you'll find i'm kinda a movie buff. :)

onto the craftiness.

so i know it's a bit of a tease...
but i have SEVERAL unfinished projects.

one is fudgy.
one is made of fabric.
and one is made of paper.
ALL include hearts.

and i promise to have at least one up tomorrow.
but today has kicked my butt.
i've been hunched over the stove, coffee table, & changing table..
my neck & shoulders are aching!
i walked, uphill, pushing the stroller for 45 minutes.
then i came home & did wii boxing for 30 minutes.
my arms & legs feel a slight bit like jell-o.

but. i'll stop complaining now & go to bed.


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