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st. patrick's day: etsy edition

it's not really a secret.
i love etsy.
who doesn't?
not only do they have fabulous things..
but in buying them, you support handmade.
(something which i'm striving hard to do this year)

so here it is.
st. patrick's day: etsy edition

i'm an accessories girl.
(but not the dripping in diamond's kind of girl. i like unique & fun)
i love these items!
(enchanted royality necklace @ the enchanted locket)

i'm drawn to all things that have to do with celtic knots.
i just can't help myself.
& i kinda like lockets. a lot.

(lucky horseshoe necklace @ the merriweather council)
i'm still loving embroidery.
& i'm still loving every single thing in this girls shop.
every single thing! 

(sterling silver shamrock necklace @ justjaynes)
what is st. patrick's day without some shamrocks?
this beautiful, yet simple sterling necklace is perfect if you want to sport a little green in a more understated way.  

(glass float sea strand @ field study)
i just love the way this strand looks. 
speckled with little green beads.  

(green record cuff @ colerainecreations)
how about a little funky piece of jewelry?
i have a black record cuff & it always gets comments & stares.
this green one would be perfect for st. patrick's day!
(lace- kiss me, irish or not earrings @ posh patina)
& these lace earrings?! 
don't they scream irish to you? 
i have never felt like i could get away with big, beautiful earrings.. 
but i always love them!  

but it doesn't stop at jewelry...

(lucky horse shirt @ whateverfits)

love this screen printed shirt! 
good for st. patrick's day OR any other time of year. 

(nagy purse in apple green @ bayanhippo)

the shape of this bag as well as the color is awesome. 
perfect for my stuff as well as a few of the babes...
and maybe a car or game boy from the dude as well!  

(shade of linen cowl scarf @ yarnworksbythecreek)

 i love all these cowls & scarf's i see on etsy..
i'm only sad that it really doesn't get cold enough here in florida to wear them!
(or at least doesn't STAY cold enough LONG enough)

(irish clover hat @ craftielilhart)
same goes for these hats!
although i could probably sport one of these & not look out of touch with the weather..
my hair would NOT like me.
can you stay static cling?
i'd look like i stuck my finger in a light socket.

(wool felt hairclips @ detailsshop)

 i'm seriously debating over these little gems.
but with my luck, or lack there of..
they would slide right out of my pin-straight hair.
still, they are adorable!
(and i know a few little girls who would look adorable in them!)

(green st. patrick's day tutu outfit @ gogirlusa)

and i'm not sure which is more adorable..
the little girl in this picture, or the outfit!
(i don't think the babe would appreciate a tutu.. nor would his father..)

(st. patrick's day sweater & hat @ imadreama)
and because little girl things are just cuter than boys..
this sweater & hat set!

and because the green goodness isn't limited to fashion..

(rolling in clover sugar scrub @ aunaturelle)
this stuff just looks delicious!!
imagine how it smells?!

(four green fields soap @ oilandspice)
c'mon soap made with Guinness?
how much more irish can ya get? 

(bailey's irish cream lip candy @ forgoodnessgrape)

& bailey's flavored lip gloss?
and last but not least..
a few treats for your st. patrick's day party!

(leprechaun treasure hunt @ shopgreenlilydesigns)
 i love the idea of having a hunt for treasure..
i'm thinking the dude might as well..
but it would most definitely be a fun party activity!

(st. patty's day sidewalk chalk @ sunshineandsidewalks)
 and how much fun are these little shamrock chalks?
a change up from the shaped crayons for sure!
would be a fantastic party favor! (of the un-candy kind!)
(and great for the warming weather.. at least around here!)

(lucky the tiny irish leprechaun @ katescache)
 i love this little leprechaun.
(he may be making his home with us.. so if he's gone when you look, you'll know why!)
every st. patrick's day celebration needs a little guy to liven up the party!

(st. patrick's day cupcake kit @ heyyoyo)
i'm thinking about making cupcakes for st. patrick's day..
these little cups & toppers would be a simple & fun addition!
(i can just see the dude & his classmate playing with these leprechauns!!)

so there ya have it.
st. patrick's day. the etsy edition.
bring on the green! :)


  1. I love this post! Since my birthday is on st. patricks day I am a sucker for anything green!

  2. Thanks for featuring my Rolling In Clover Sugar Scrub! Its too bad that the internet doesn`t feature scratch and sniff because this smells awesome~

  3. Thank you so much for including my Lucky Leprechaun in your wonderful St. Paddy's day blog!

  4. Thank you so much! This is lovely. Thanks for including my Guinness Soap! I love your other picks. I try to do something similar on my blog as well. Hooray for handmade!


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