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life: the babe.

it's strange...
this stay at home mama thing..
sometimes it feels like time is standing still
& other times like it is moving by at the speed of light.

the babe is going to be 7 months old in a few days.
it's crazy.
i can clearly remember his tiny little feet & hands when he was born..
and now those little feet are trying hard to stand up alone..
and those little hands hold a bottle on their own..

each day i watch his personality unfold.
he is a such a good baby!
happy & content most of the time..
until you don't get the food in his mouth fast enough!
he LOVES food.
ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal cereal & (cheese) doodles are some of his new favorites.
(i would have waited to give him doodles, but nana is pushy!!)

he sleeps almost 13 hours a night.
(i can hear some mama's screeching at the screen right now)
but he rarely naps.
maybe one 45 minute nap a day..
i wish i had a secret i could share with those of you suffering through sleepless nights...
but i don't..
i just feel VERY fortunate!

i cleaned up the jeep walker the dude had as a baby..
& he is totally loving it..
it's so funny to see him turning the wheel..
so far he only seems to be able to manage going in reverse..

he giggles non-stop at the dude..
he loves to eat the tags on on his little stuffed toys..
& sometimes i think he's going to bounce himself right out of the bouncer.
he still sucks his thumb.. but not quite as much.
his two bottom teeth are probably to blame for that..
& he lights up & smiles from ear to ear when his dada comes home from work..

he can roll himself from front to back
& back to front..
which means that when it's tummy time,
i often find him half way across the room from where he started.
(no worries, he's in his room & there is nothing dangerous around him)
just today i went in to find him underneath his swing, playing with the buckles that were hanging down.

i guess what i'm saying is time is flying..
i'm doing my best to savor every moment.
i had plans to take monthly pictures...
but i seem to get wrapped up in just enjoying every moment..
& i forget.

so i don't have as many pictures as i would like...
i have good intentions every week to get him dressed up & take some pictures..
but some how it never happens..
so i'm making it a point to get him in the moment more...
even if it means having a picture of him with some lame only-worn-at-home onesie on.

so.. who cares if it is only a candid...who cares if it's not professional quality.
i still like it.


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  1. your right, i screamed at the baby girl has such a hard time in the wee hours of the night to go back to sleep after feeding. however she does take two 2 hour naps during the day that I wouldnt trade. So I guess I cant scream too loud. I love reading your blog, especially about your babies!


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